Casa na Gateira by Camarim

Folding mountain home

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葡萄牙境内的最高点埃什特雷拉山脉的南端,有一个美丽的小村庄 -Gateira。这里群山环绕,松林遍布,葡萄园和橄榄树园穿插其中,美不胜收。

Gateira is a hamlet placed on a beautiful hill planted with vineyards, pines and olive trees with splendid views over the southern tip of Serra da Estrela, the highest point in mainland Portugal.

▽ 葡萄酒园、松林、橄榄树园与建筑,vineyards, pines,olive trees and the architecture

001-Casa na Gateira by Camarim

002-Casa na Gateira by Camarim     003-Casa na Gateira by Camarim

房子的主人是一对来自英国的夫妇。他们希望这里成为他们的第二个家,让他们偶尔能远离伦敦的繁忙喧嚣,获得自由和安宁。项目面临的第一个问题就是如何在如此壮丽的景色中取得自然、农业和传统建筑三者间的平衡。来自 Camarim建筑师意图最大化的保留场地的原生环境,建筑则以谦逊的姿态进入。建筑的入口设置在场地的最高处,墙面用极具当地特色的板岩砌成,进入建筑后沿台阶下行,便可来到建筑的主体部分-双层公共活动空间。主体空间沿着地形起伏和延伸,巧妙地将私密空间从公共空间中分离出来,每一个房间都在不同的水平面上并与外界直接相连。建筑在环境中浑然天成,仿佛是自然的一部分。

The clients – a British couple – wanted a second home to give them space, open air and silence, in contrast to their life in London. The first question: how to design on such a dramatic landscape, with an unusual balance between nature, agriculture and traditional architecture? Our strategy was to interfere as little as possible: one enters the house in the upper part of the plot, through a wall that evokes the region’s traditional slate buildings, and descends onto the house’s core – a social space split in 2 levels. From this space, the house’s volume breaks and extends along the topography in a subtle yet effective separation between social and intimate i.e. every space sits on a different level and has direct access to the outside. We may say that instead of a house in the landscape we thought of a house from the landscape, as though building a walk in the countryside.

▽ 鸟瞰,biredview

004-Casa na Gateira by Camarim     005-Casa na Gateira by Camarim

006-Casa na Gateira by Camarim

▽ 入口,entrance

008-Casa na Gateira by Camarim

▽ 楼梯空间,staircase

010-Casa na Gateira by Camarim     011-Casa na Gateira by Camarim

▽ 上层公共空间,upper floor social space

012-Casa na Gateira by Camarim

014-Casa na Gateira by Camarim

013-Casa na Gateira by Camarim

▽ 下层公共空间,lower floor social space

016-Casa na Gateira by Camarim     018-Casa na Gateira by Camarim

019-Casa na Gateira by Camarim

021-Casa na Gateira by Camarim

020-Casa na Gateira by Camarim

▽ 卧室,bedroom

024-Casa na Gateira by Camarim

026-Casa na Gateira by Camarim


Beyond the romantic notion of a well-grounded house, extensive contact with the ground gives enormous energy benefits: we use the earth’s endless thermal mass to balance air thermal amplitudes throughout the day and seasons. The patio between the living room and the master bedroom is also a passive thermal device: it creates a thermal differential between the swimming pool and the patio, which generates an ascending air flow across the house for cooling in spring and summer, and it allows intensive insulation of the most innermost point in the house in autumn and winter.

▽ 露台与泳池,patio and the swimming pool

027-Casa na Gateira by Camarim

028-Casa na Gateira by Camarim

029-Casa na Gateira by Camarim

▽ 屋面通风系统,rooftop ventilation

031-Casa na Gateira by Camarim

034-Casa na Gateira by Camarim

▽ 模型,model




Project Name: Casa na Gateira
Project Location: Gateira, Penela, Portugal
Site Area: 2143 m2
Built Area: 403 m2
Project Completion: 2014
Project by:  Camarim
Project Architects: Vasco Correia, Patrícia Sousa
Collaborators: Tiago Garrido, Jonas Grinevicius, Christoph Schwander

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