Casa Lissen, Sevilla by Studio Wet

Architect adopts a completely different language for the design of the extension

Project Specs

Design Firm:

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We have designed the extension for a single family house, which is settled in an urban fabric that has been consolidated since long ago. The existing atmosphere of the neighbourhood -facades, colors, materials, trees- is legally protected by urban regulations. The design also faces the wishes of the client to take the maximum profit from the spare square meters, always within a low budget and some reasonable programmatic requirements. There are also some specific urban regulations on regard to the new volumes and its aesthetics that we have to deal with, along with the inherent technological restrictions of a small construction company from Southern Spain.

▼建筑入口,Entrance View

1-Casa Lissen, Sevilla by Studio Wet

▼从入口走进建筑,Enter the Entrance

4-Casa Lissen, Sevilla by Studio Wet      5-Casa Lissen, Sevilla by Studio Wet

▼新老建筑并存,the conjection of new and old building


2-Casa Lissen, Sevilla by Studio Wet


Our proposal respects the personality and context of the existing building by either changing nothing (we avoid modifying its original structure and external aesthetics) or changing everything (adopting a completely different language for the design of the extension). Through the reverberation of curves we also gain visual coherence, some coherence that works for us in the design process, but also for the client in the understanding of the project. To simply put it, the curves help to indicate the new elements and spaces added.

▼以曲线元素为主的新建筑体量,New volume  is given priority to curves

3-Casa Lissen, Sevilla by Studio Wet

7-Casa Lissen, Sevilla by Studio Wet

▼立面细节,Facade Details

9-Casa Lissen, Sevilla by Studio Wet

8-Casa Lissen, Sevilla by Studio Wet     10-Casa Lissen, Sevilla by Studio Wet

▼建筑内部,Interior View

11-Casa Lissen, Sevilla by Studio Wet

12-Casa Lissen, Sevilla by Studio Wet

▼建筑模型,Physical Model


▼总平面,Site Plan

W:WEB_WET2_PROJECTS142_Casa Lissendrawings142_PE_00_Emplaz

▼一二层平面图,1st and 2nd Floor Plan

W:WEB_WET2_PROJECTS142_Casa Lissendrawings142_PE_10_Planta

▼三层和顶层平面图,3rd Floor and Roof Plan

W:WEB_WET2_PROJECTS142_Casa Lissendrawings142_PE_10_Planta


V:142_Casa Lissen1_Dibujos6_Dirección Obra2_planos142_P


W:WEB_WET2_PROJECTS142_Casa Lissendrawings142_PE_20_Seccio

Architects:Studio Wet: Jose Gómez Mora, Daniel Montes.
Collaborators: Sharifa Haidari, Manvir Hansra, Anna Thomaidou, Julián Calvo, Simona Lupo. Pedro Lobato, Estructura – Statics. Víctor Silveira, Instalaciones – Elec&Mechanical. Daniel Yusty, Dirección de Ejecución – Quantity Surveyor.
Promoter: Familia Lissen
Buiding Company:Cruz y Maguillo S. L.
Year:Proyecto – Project 2014. Obra – Building 2015-2016
Fotos: Fernando Alda ©

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