Casa Cassani by Francesco Librizzi studio

Light and small intervention.

Project Specs

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▼到达夹层的楼梯,是14毫米厚的铁管组成的框架。A view of the wireframe ladder introduced in the apartment. It is made of a 14 mm thick iron profile.


Milano, 2009/2010. Client: Mr. Giovanni Cassani. Budget: 30.000,00 euros Design team: Francesco Librizzi, Matilde Cassani A very small apartment within a very “Milanese” building dated 1900. Two rooms plus a bath room, characterized by a narrow footprint compared to the quite high ceiling. Windows, doors, and above all the floor tiles, had finishes and materials survived to another century: something precious to save as a resource for the new inhabitants of this space.

The strong identity of the interiors and the peculiarity of the narrow high section, gave the chance for a minimum but very significant intervention. We tought it was only necessary to unveil the hidden potential of the space, leaving almost untouched all the rest. Nothing melanchonical, but also no obsession for contemporarity. Adding a new layer to the exiguos surface availble in the house was necessary. Making the trajectory to reach it architectonically visible, was all we needed to do. A new thin wireframe wrapping the bodies while approching to “+1 level”: a suspended night area inside the old house.

▼楼梯联系上下两层。地面上是保存良好的彩色混凝土砖。views of the stair in its passage through the narrow cut linking the two rooms and the two levels of the apartment. On the floor very old exhagonal colored concrete tiles.

▼到达夹层的梯子,The ladder arriving to +1 level

▼夹层睡眠区,The night area suspended at +1 level

▼厨房及餐厅区域地面上珍贵的“Cotto Milanese”地砖。views from the kitchen and dining room, with the precious “Cotto Milanese” ceramic tiles on the floor.

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