Canari house in Montréal by _naturehumaine

A Lively and sculptural fourplex,yellow stairway contrast with black enlighten interior space, orange and blue tones energize confine space.

Project Specs


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An athletic young couple wants to transform a fourplex to create their primary residence, while maintaining a rental unit on the first floor. The existing part of the house, dating from the 1930s, is restored on the street side, and the attached garage is restructured to match, as well as to accommodate the new outdoor terrace perched on its roof. Topped with an angular wooden structure, this volume breaks up the perpendicular volumetry of the corner building and allows gardens to nestle into its interstices.

▼建筑外观,External View

1-Canari house by _naturehumaine

▼尖角状的木栅栏结构装饰了建筑沿街的角落和花园,Topped with an angular wooden structure, this volume breaks up the perpendicular volumetry of the corner building

2-Canari house by _naturehumaine      3-Canari house by _naturehumaine


Large bay windows overlooking the north-facing garden bring maximum light to the living areas and show off the striking colour of the stairway. As a focal point of the interior composition, the stairway brings a warm and vibrant tone to the project. The layout of this sculptural object, playing with diagonal lines, is the central dynamic element of the Canari House.

▼光照充足的起居空间,Living Area with ample sunlight

5-Canari house by _naturehumaine

▼ 开放的餐厅和厨房,Open dining room and kitchen

6-Canari house by _naturehumaine

▼ 冷色调为主的起居空间搭配生动的黄色楼梯,cold tone living space contrast with lively yellow stairway

7-Canari house by _naturehumaine      9-Canari house by _naturehumaine


A black band defines circulation through the house, all the way to the garden.

▼ 黑色装饰板和黄色楼梯的撞色搭配,A black band defines yellow circulation

13-Canari house by _naturehumaine

15-Canari house by _naturehumaine      17-Canari house by _naturehumaine

16-Canari house by _naturehumaine

▼ 阳光照射进楼梯间,ample sunlight in staircase

11-Canari house by _naturehumaine     12-Canari house by _naturehumaine


The colour accents in the bathrooms, in orange and blue tones, energize the look of these confined spaces and complete the graphic composition of the project.

18-Canari house by _naturehumaine

▼ 橙色和白色界定了卫生间的干湿区域,orange matches with white colors defining wet and dry area

19-Canari house by _naturehumaine      20-Canari house by _naturehumaine


21-Canari house by _naturehumaine

▼平面图,Floor Plan

22-Canari house by _naturehumaine

23-Canari house by _naturehumaine

Type: Single-family home + rental unit
Intervention: Complete transformation / Interior design
Location: Montréal, QC
Date: Août 2016
Photo crédits: Adrien Williams
General contractor: N. Deslauriers Inc.

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