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Loveat的第一家咖啡店,已经在HASHMAL GARDEN的中心区域运营了20来年。因特拉维夫轻轨的建造工程,这家咖啡店也迎来了自己的更新升级。

For over 20 years, Loveat’s first coffee shop has been operating in the central area of HASHMAL GARDEN. Construction works for Tel Aviv’s light rail prompted the owners to renew and update the cafe.

▼咖啡店入口全景,overview from the entrance ©ido adan


The cafe consists of a primary space, a kitchen, and a roasting area. The design concept was to connect the roasting room with the main space, merging the cafe’s two main programs – dining and roasting. This allowed visitors to take part in some of the magic behind the scenes, as the scent of freshly roasted beans fills the space.

▼咖啡店主空间,primary space ©ido adan


Every piece of furniture was designed by the studio and made to order. At the central area stands a 6-meter-long stainless steel counter that serves as the primary platform for display, sales, and interaction. Glass surfaces were glazed with a layer of Dittoric Film, varying in color and gradient according to the angle of view and light. The changing color alongside the modular plywood seating system allows for a varied atmosphere throughout the day. The choice of materials and geometric form sharpens the visitors’ experience while producing a new architectural language of the cafe.

▼多功能不锈钢柜台,multifunctional stainless steel counter ©ido adan

▼玻璃表面覆有一层特殊的膜,可根据不同的视角和光线,产生颜色上的变化,glass surfaces were glazed with a layer of Dittoric Film, varying in color and gradient according to the angle of view and light ©ido adan

▼缤纷的色彩营造出不同的空间氛围,colors create different atmospheres ©ido adan

▼模块化座椅,modular seating system ©ido adan

▼装饰细节,decoration details ©ido adan

Project name: café barzilay
Design: simon barazin
Contact e-mail:
Design year & Completion Year: 2020
Leader designer & Team: simon barazin
Project location: tel aviv
Gross Built Area (square meters): 75
Photo credits: ido adan
Clients: loveat coffee roasters

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