Cabin ANNA by Caspar Schols

Mobile cabin in the nature.

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I had no formal architecture training after my mother asked me to design a garden pavilion that could be used for dinner parties with friends, theatre performances by her grandchildren, painting and meditating. After months the result was the first version of ‘Garden House’, with it’s possibility to rearrange it’s layers according to the occasion or weather condition.

▼概览,overview © Jonas Sacks

2016年,有关该项目的文章发表在网络上,这改变了我的生活。随后的几个月里,我不断收到来自世界各地的关心。人们给我发邮件,有时会写信给我,告诉我他们有多爱花房以及被它打动的原因。我努力回复所有人,其中有些见过面,有些现在仍保持联系。这个项目还出现在荷兰最受欢迎的深夜脱口秀《Jinek》,此外它还提名了Dirk Roosenburg prijs和Radical Innovation Awards奖项,并入选了Dezeen年度小型建筑奖。这是一段激动人心的时光,仿佛一场梦。我用奖金开始在AA建筑联盟学院学习,开启了全新的世界。尽管我很喜欢本来的物理专业,但这次建筑的学习真的很适合我。我与志同道合的朋友一起日夜研究课题,没有比这更疯狂的事情了。

An article about the project published on the Internet in 2016 changed my life. For months after it was published I received heartwarming messages every day, from all over the world. People wrote me mails, sometimes hand-written letters, just to let me know how much they loved Garden House and why Garden House had touched them somehow. I tried to respond to all of them. With some I met in person and with some I am still in touch. The project was also featured in the most popular late night show in the Netherlands, Jinek. Also, Garden House got nominated for several awards among which the Dirk Roosenburg prijs (Eindhoven), Radical Innovation Awards (New York) and, long-listed for the Dezeen small building of the year award. A very exciting time, which sometimes felt like living a dream. In the meanwhile, thanks to a scholarship, I had started studying at the Architectural Association, which was a whole new world that opened up for me. As much as I had enjoyed studying Physics, this study really felt like coming home. With all these like-minded people around me, working day and night on crazy projects. Nothing was too crazy actually.

▼Anna Stay外观,external view of Anna Stay © Jorrit ‘t Hoen & Tonu Tunnel

▼Anna Meet外观,external view of Anna Meet © Jorrit ‘t Hoen & Tonu Tunnel



我沉迷于伦敦的新生活时,试图基于花房设计新的项目,它适合贩卖,可以居住,并且可以在世界的任何地方组装和改造。人们不仅用话语鼓励我,还准备对新项目“ANNA”给予经济投资。由此产生了更多的建筑雏形,我们实际使用,并进行临时或永久居住的实验。在这种情况下,我们保留了花房最初的灵活性以及与环境的连接性。ANNA是一个灵活多变的家,拥有开放的平台,通过改变房屋的布局来适应不同情况,而不是与其产生对抗。就像你根据不同天气、场合和心情打扮自己一样。最终我们将它发展成ANNA Stay,它用两个滑动外壳取代了原花房的四个外壳, 并且将其变长,以此覆盖更大的区域。

▼Anna Stay © Jonas Sacks

While I lost myself in my new life in London, I was playing with the idea to create a new design based on the fundamentals of ‘Garden House’. I wanted to design a sellable, fully inhabitable house, a flat-pack that could be build and re-build anywhere in the world. I found people that supported me, not only in word, but were also ready to financially invest in this new design, called ANNA. This led to more prototypes in which we experimented with more practical use and temporal or permanent inhabitation. In which the initial spirit of flexibility and connectivity to the environment would remain intact. ANNA is a dynamic home in the shape of an open platform to live with rather than against the elements, by playing with the configuration of the layers of the house. Just like the way you dress yourself to suit different weather conditions, occasions and moods.Eventually we developed this into ANNA Stay. ANNA Stay has two sliding shells instead of the four in the original Garden House. But the two are longer and cover more area.

▼Anna Stay位于水上,两个滑动外壳,Anna stay is on the water,two sliding shells © Jorrit ‘t Hoen & Tonu Tunnel

▼Anna Stay位于林中,可以根据使用改变布局 © Jorrit ‘t Hoen & Tonu Tunnel
Anna Stay is in the forest,it can change layout according to usage

房屋的厨房、淋浴、卫生间和储藏空间是固定的,厨房上的夹层足够容纳第二张特大号床,使房屋适合四口之家乃至四个成年人居住。此外,空置的多功能平台可以举办各种活动,包括瑜伽、写作、聚会、睡觉、游泳、晚餐、培训、赏鸟、观星、体验阵雨或阳光明媚的早晨等。ANNA Meet在技术上更加精简。在ANNA Stay和ANNA Meet旁,我们会根据特定要求提供全定制版本的ANNA,借助ANNA Me平台根据个人意愿定制全新概念的小屋,可以将其置于后院、野外或专属度假胜地。

It also has a fixed part which houses a kitchen, shower, toilet and storage space. Above the kitchen there is a mezzanine which is large enough for a second king size bed. Making the house suitable for a family of four or even four adults. On the other hand the idea of ANNA as a blank, multi-functional platform, to host a wide range of activities (yoga, writing, meetings, sleeping, bathing, dinners, education, bird watching, star gazing, experience heavy rain showers or early sunny mornings, etc. etc.) was also kept. However technically more refined, in the form of ANNA Meet. Next to ANNA Stay and ANNA Meet we offer a fully customized version of ANNA according to specific requirements. With ANNA Me, we can tailor ANNA with each individual desire or create a radically new branded cabin concept for your company to locate in your backyard, in the wilderness or an exclusive holiday resort.

▼可移动的卧室,movable bedroom © Jorrit ‘t Hoen & Tonu Tunnel

▼厨房上的夹层足够容纳第二张特大号床,above the kitchen there is a mezzanine which is large enough for a second king size bed © Jorrit ‘t Hoen & Tonu Tunnel

▼欣赏全景,enjoy the panorama © Jorrit ‘t Hoen & Tonu Tunnel

▼厨房、淋浴和储藏空间是固定的,kitchen, shower and storage space are fixed © Jorrit ‘t Hoen & Tonu Tunnel

▼框架细节,details of the frame © Jorrit ‘t Hoen & Tonu Tunnel



ANNA Stay和ANNA Meet均由可持续生长和未经处理的落叶松制成,内部使用高品质的浅色桦木,并铺设5cm厚的木屑保护层。空间由柴炉加热,也可以安装电暖炉。与花房相比,其整体采光效果得到提升,视野也变得更好。与花房的竖向窗户不同,新的ANNA具有横向长窗,它们刚好位于屋檐下方,确保非直射阳光照进室内,从而使室内空间在夏季不会迅速升温。坐在椅子上或床上时,便可以透过横向长窗欣赏室外全景。在天气情况恶劣或想与外界隔离时,可以将木制外壳关闭,营造出温暖、舒适的氛围。这与仅关闭玻璃外壳或敞开所有空间时所体验的开放与自由感形成了强烈的对比。

▼Anna Meet © Jonas Sacks

Both models are built in sustainably grown and untreated Larch. On the inside we used Birch ply for its high quality and light colour, insulated with five centimeter of sawdust. The space is heated by a wood stove, but there is an option to install electric heating. The overall lighting is improved compared with Garden House and also the views are better. In contrast to the vertical windows in Garden House, the new ANNA’s have long horizontal windows. The long narrow shape and their positioning right under the overhang of the roof makes sure only indirect sunlight gets in, so the space doesn’t heat up in summer. The windows also give a panoramic view, but only when seated in a chair, or after waking up and experiencing the view from the bed. This way, when the wood shells are closed there is a warm, cosy, indoor atmosphere protected from the elements, for these moments in which the weather is more hostile. Or simply when your mood is such that you like to hide a bit from the world. This contrasts highly with the exposure, freedom and openness that is experienced when only the glass shell is closed or everything is open.

▼Anna Meet俯瞰,top view of Anna Meet © Jorrit ‘t Hoen & Tonu Tunnel

▼Anna Meet外观,external view of Anna Meet © Jorrit ‘t Hoen & Tonu Tunnel

▼移动过程,moving process © Jorrit ‘t Hoen & Tonu Tunnel

小屋可以整体运输,也可以拆分成板块运输。对于更具挑战性的地点,建议使用拆分包装,它由26个部件组成,每个部件最重为 500kg,外加14根15m长的钢柱,其螺丝底座易于拆卸。当小屋拆除或迁移,这些柱子将从土壤中拧出,不留下任何痕迹。使用小型电动起重机,3个人可以在5天内完成组装,其中包括3天拆卸。所有部件均可以使用普通货车装载,采用陆运或水运。ANNA Stay的费用为87000(含税)欧元起。

The Cabin can be delivered in one piece or as a flat pack. For more challenging locations flat-pack is even recommended. The flatpack consists of 26 parts of maximum of 500 kg each. Plus easy to remove screw-foundation of 14 steel pillars of 1,5 m long. These pillars will be unscrewed from the soil when Cabin ANNA is disassembled and moved elsewhere. Nothing will be left behind in nature. With a mini electric crane elements are put together in 5 working days with 3 people (and disassembled in 3 days). All elements fit a regular truck and can be transported by land or sea. ANNA Stay is available from EUR 87.000 ex. VAT ex. buildup.

▼开放玻璃外壳,open the glass shell © Jorrit ‘t Hoen & Tonu Tunnel

▼内部使用高品质的浅色桦木,on the inside we used Birch ply for its high quality and light colour © Jorrit ‘t Hoen & Tonu Tunnel

▼看向餐厅,view to dining room © Jorrit ‘t Hoen & Tonu Tunnel

▼餐厅,dining room © Jorrit ‘t Hoen & Tonu Tunnel

▼看向室外,view to the exterior © Jorrit ‘t Hoen & Tonu Tunnel

把一次性的设计投入生产并控制合理的价格,比预期要困难得多。但在很多支持我的人的帮助下,我们最终成功了。因此我很自豪地表示ANNA Stay和 ANNA Meet现已准备好投入生产。

It was much more difficult to turn a one-off design into a reproducible and affordable product then I expected. But, with the help of a lot of supporting people around me, we eventually managed. In that sense I can say I am really proud to present ANNA Stay and ANNA Meet now ready for production.

▼夕阳下的Anna Stay,Anna stay in the sunset © Jorrit ‘t Hoen & Tonu Tunnel

▼Anna Stay平面,plans of Anna stay © Caspar Schols

▼Anna Meet平面,plan of Anna Meet © Caspar Schols

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