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Cabarita Park Conservatory is comprised of three pavilions, sitting lightly amongst the trees and providing generous gathering spaces within and adjoining the buildings. Inspired by the client’s directive to design a council building that doesn’t look like a council building, the hall can be fully opened to the surrounding parkland with generous glass sliding doors.



A spectacular Moreton Bay Fig tree frames an outdoor gathering space to the west while the elevated public hall enjoys glimpses of the Parramatta River to the east. Utilising simple and robust materials of timber, steel and glass, the material language of the building references park and community buildings local to Sydney’s waters edges. The conservatory is designed to be used as a true community space bringing together diverse groups of residents, interest groups and visitors.

▼无花果树下的集会空间,a community space under the Moreton Bay Fig tree


This new community building replaces a 1970’s toilet block and picnic shelter and is orientated to the geometry of the park’s heritage listed landscape, formal planted avenues, and pathways across the headland. The Conservatory’s three pavilions – gazebo, hall and amenities – slide past each other, anchored to the hall’s generous verandah and hinged off two monumental rolled steel gutters. The composition of the pavilion volumes creates a sequence of internal and external spaces on the crest of the hill, culminating in an outdoor room at the foot of the majestic Moreton Bay fig tree.

▼凉亭、公共大厅和服务设施相互衔接在一起,the three pavilions – gazebo, hall and amenities – slide past each other


A composite structure of steel and recycled spotted gum unifies the pavilions in a tight vertical rhythm while a horizontal datum directs the eye through the tree trunks to the winding river below. The amenities pavilion provides storage, staffroom, WC and kitchen facilities; the minty tones and decorative timber valance providing a link to the nearby historic Federation Pavilion.

▼公共大厅内部,public hall

▼宽阔的滑动玻璃门使大厅完全敞开于周围的环境,the hall can be fully opened to the surrounding parkland with generous glass sliding doors


The formal spaces of the Conservatory are just as important as the implied spaces created at the edges and in-between the built volumes. The interaction of indoor and outdoor rooms is fundamental to creating a public building which is flexible and responsive to the community’s use of the parkland.

▼内外交错的空间序列,a sequence of internal and external spaces

项目的预算并不多,因此需要选择质量和强度足够高的材料。裸露的连接结构旨在揭示出建筑的逻辑;定向、遮阴和隔热等基础技术使建筑能够实现被动式的制冷,避免了笨重的机械式空调的使用。雨水可通过屋顶进行收集并用于冲洗厕所,为公园内的游客和人群带来了便利。艺术家Sean Bacon还为该项目设计了专门的投影作品,进一步探索了该场地悠久而丰富的历史。

The modest project budget of just over $1 million was directed towards high quality and robust materials. Exposed material connections seek to reveal the logic of the structure, while simple techniques of orientation, shading and insulation allow the building to be passively cooled, freeing the building from cumbersome mechanical solutions. Rainwater is captured off the roof and recycled for the flushing of the WC’s that provide much needed amenity to the park users and crowds of weekend picnickers. The rich history of the site, from indigenous occupation to 19th century gardens and sporting facilities, is explored through the site-specific projection artwork of Sean Bacon that was commissioned for the building.

▼裸露的连接结构揭示了建筑的逻辑,exposed material connections seek to reveal the logic of the structure

▼场地平面图,site plan

▼平面图,floor plan

▼北立面图,north elevation

▼西立面图,west elevation

Project Team: Sam Crawford, Imogene Tudor, Lachlan Delaney, Ken Warr, Aaron Leeman-Smith, Benjamin Chan, Madeleine Rowe, Chelsea Harper
Builder: Rapid Construction
Consultant Team: Accessibility: BCA Logic, Electrical Engineer: Lighting, Art + Science, Heritage: Mayne-Wilson, Hydraulic Engineer: ITM Design, Quantity Surveyor: Estimate 2000, Structural Engineer: Northrop.
Project size
328 m2
Completion date
Building levels

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