CAA / ÁGUEDA Arts Center in Portugal by AND-RÉ

A concrete arts center levitating on a transparent glass mass

Project Specs


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CAA / Águeda艺术中心的设计旨在为“建筑如何适应其周边环境”提供一种设计思路,建筑师所面临的挑战是,如何在保证该艺术中心从建筑实体、文化、经济和政治等层面上完全适应其环境的前提下,将其打造为一个世界级的文化交流平台。最终,建筑师敲定了合理的设计方案,即将艺术中心设计成一个能够使其功能最大化的建筑系统。

The design of the CAA / Águeda Arts Centre responds to the challenge of creating a solution well adapted to the context (not only phisical, but also cultural, economical and political) while creating a world-class cultural platform. A rational approach to the program was translated into a system designed to maximize functionality.

▼建筑外观,exterior view


The building, with 4,500sqm, consists in three dynamic physical forces, which house and organize the three major valences of the indoor program – auditorium with 600 seats, exhibition hall and concert-cafe – spreading out from a central distribution core. In addition to the main program, the building also houses a studio room, bookstore/shop, conservation, administration/production, among many other support spaces.

▼艺术中心由三个建筑体量构成,the building consists in three dynamic physical forces


The exterior architectural image is characterized by a volume of exposed concrete that embraces the terrain and creates a new public square that qualifies the city. The volume seems to levitate on a transparent glass mass, permeable and inviting to the public.

▼建筑的外部造型是一个混凝土体量,the exterior architectural image is characterized by a volume of exposed concrete

▼视觉效果上,艺术中心仿佛悬浮在一个透明的玻璃体量之上,the volume seems to levitate on a transparent glass mass

▼建筑创造出一个新的公共广场,为城市生活带去便利,the volume creates a new public square that qualifies the city

▼建筑入口透视,the view of entrance

CAA / Águeda艺术中心的最终形式消除了建筑物固有的人工痕迹,但同时也保留了建筑必要的与公共生活的相关性。建筑师在设计过程中兼顾了施工的实际技术,以及建筑与其周边环境的呼应。建筑本身作为文化的容器和生成者,其诗意的空间引导着游客在建筑中行走,领略艺术文化的魅力。

The architecture that formalizes the building is stripped of iconic artificiality, without losing the institutional relevance that the equipment deserves. It tries to reach a fusion between the pragmatic technique of execution and context response, and the poetical of space, which takes the visitor on a journey marked by the body built as a receptacle and generator of culture.

▼艺术中心的展厅空间,the exhibition hall


▼位于建筑中心位置的旋转楼梯,the spiral staircase at the central distribution core

▼可以容纳600人的礼堂,the auditorium with 600 seats

▼总平面图,site plan

▼一层平面,1F plan

▼二层平面,2F plan

▼三层平面,3F plan

▼四层平面,4F plan



Client: Águeda Municipality
Location: Águeda, Portugal
Scale: 4,500sqm
Project Date: 2010
Completion Date: 2016/2017
Status: Completed

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