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The energy of light rail that fragments the site is projected inventively into the public space.

Project Specs


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随着卡尔加里区域在城市核心地位继续发展壮大,新公共空间将通过提供灵活、富有弹性的休闲空间来增加社会活动密集程度。 C-Square 位于 East Village 边缘,作为快速发展的城市社区的交流通道和集会空间。

As Calgary continues to cultivate growth within its urban core, the success of new public spaces will be de ned by their ability to facilitate a critical density of social activity through the provision of exible, resilient amenity spaces. Located at the edge of the East Village, C-Square serves as both a gateway to and a gathering space for a rapidly evolving urban community.

▼ 位于铁路一侧的卡尔加里城市广场,C-Square is located at the edge of the East Village

场地被卡尔加里轻轨沿着南北轴线划分为两个部分。C-Line 线以东平行于轻轨的地方,城市基础设施的使用方式限制了场地的形态和使用方式。很大程度上,该场地的设计是被其与基础设施的关系所决定的。设计团队着眼于在这个基础设施的景观中,创造一个充满活力,适合居住的城市条件。

The project site is bisected by the C-Train (Calgary’s Light Rail Transit) line, which divides the site along its North-South axis. East of and parallel to the C-Train line, a utility right of way limits the amount and type of surface development. To a great extent, the site is de ned by its relationship with infrastructure. The question asked by the design team was, ‘in this infrastructural landscape, how do we create a dynamic, habitable urban condition?’

▼ 场地被轻轨线划分为两个部分,site is separated into two parts by the light rail

▼ 公园的平面,Plan


In response to this question, two means of spatial modulation inform the design of the project. The first is the transformation of the existing C-Train infrastructure into a mechanism for the animation of the public realm. A new array of perforated aluminum fins, designed to capture and emit light as a shifting, reflective veil, frames connections to and from the train, projects the energy of the train into the public space, and transforms an existing site liability into a dynamic spatial asset.

▼ 一系列穿孔铝板将割裂场地的轻轨转变为活力的来源,perforated aluminum fins projects the energy of the train into the public space


The second means of modulation is the creation of a continuous ground-plane that sutures the site as a whole while transforming to accommodate and promote various modes of occupation. A generous plaza space occupies the territory defined by the underground utility right of way, while ‘folds’ in the ground plane define an amenity spine along the eastern edge of the train tracks. On the plaza space’s east side, a series of shifts in the ground plane create a permeable, inhabited edge and define zones of soft landscaping, including a punctuated allée of trees whose canopies provide a spatial counterpoint to the veil on the opposite side of the plaza.

▼ 适应多种活动的空间,the site is transformed to accommodate various modes of occupation



By leveraging the transit corridor’s capacity for animation by harnessing the theatricality of the passing trains, and capitalizing on the utility right of way’s limitations in terms of above ground development, the site is trans- formed into a space of social exchange and performance. Infrastructure is recast as a vital element in the construction of inimitable social and spatial experiences.

▼ 剖面,Section

Location: Calgary, AB
Year: 2014-2016
Status: Complete
Type: Public Realm
Collaborators: Scatliff + Miller + Murray / Arriola & Fiol / Calgary Municipal Land Corporation

More:  the marc boutin architectural collaborative.

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