BUILD ME! Bench Design in Spain by ENORME Studio + Todo x La Praxis + TeamLabs

Make the common bench an unrepeatable social place through self-construction of a team.

Project Specs


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Appreciation towards ENORME Studio for providing the following description:

BUILD ME! 是一个合作系统,一个对不同设计策略的编汇,一个对共同问题做出快速反应的团队……BUILD ME! 的目的是以合作形式建造出独一无二的作品。

BUILD ME is a collaborative work system, a compilation of co-design strategies, a rapid-response work-group to pursue a common purpose… but above all BUILD ME! is an attitude to take up the challenge of building collectively a unique and unrepeatable object, a singular process.

▼成为了交流空间的长椅,a bench becoming a place for communication

006-Build Me_Enorme Studio




TeamLabs follows the Learning by Doing working philosophy, they’re based on the idea of creating collaborative and cooperative environments as a way to generate ecosystems for creative personal development. The hybridization of this attitude with maker methodologies, in order to self-construct an object, enhances an idea of designing processes linked to object making; it permits to experience both the frustration and the excitement generated when undertaking no matter what process of building using one’s own hands.




Teamlabs会设立不同尺度的项目,BUILD ME!的主题为集体长椅,团队中的每个人都要设计并建造长椅的一部分,最后统合为一个整体。长椅设在学校的露台上,将超越家具的含义,为人们提供一个相互交流的场所。

TeamLabs operates as a community manager at different scales. Similarly BUILD ME! is an experiment of putting together singular groups that are bound to design and build one part of a collective bench. This system would be a reflect of the Team Companies at TeamLabs, working together to conform a common object, a large piece of furniture that becomes the place to meet and interchange and that is located in one of the patios of the school.

▼长椅构成图解,diagram of the bench structure

002-Build Me_Enorme Studio



团队的中心是分散的,每个人都有自己擅长的部分,而其在团队中的角色也会相应地发生变化。在BUILD ME! 项目中,参与者要完成设计到建造的整个过程,这就要求他们不断进行内部重组,根据成员的能力分配不同阶段的任务,最终让设计成为现实。

Similarly to the way in which TeamLabs works with the idea of experts-amateurs and a continuous rotation of roles as the only way to achieve the long-awaited decentralized specialization; in BUILD ME! as in any other self-construction process, roles go from design to construction tasks and the other way round, a swinging process of “specific situations” that require continuous self-organization of the group based on the fuzzy capabilities of each of its members.

▼设计师亲自参与建造,constructing by own hand

009-Build Me_Enorme Studio   010-Build Me_Enorme Studio

▼每人完成自己设计的部件,every member self-constructs his or her design

003-Build Me_Enorme Studio

012-Build Me_Enorme Studio



Teamlabs让普通人也可以建造非凡的项目,而BUILD ME!正好相反,是让充满个性的人在通常的工作系统下创造一个独一无二的常用物,一个共享空间。

TeamLabs philosophy unveils a quest for extraordinary projects lead by ordinary people. BUILD ME! on the other hand, functions as a sum of singularities based on common work systems in a quest for a common object that is built as an unique and unrepeatable place. Singularities that build common objects, places to share.  

▼将不同部件组合在一起,combine the parts together

011-Build Me_Enorme Studio


005-Build Me_Enorme Studio



Teamlabs不仅重视团队合作的价值,还坚信道德为美,关注项目在社会,文化和生态方面的贡献。BUILD ME!最大的贡献是把设计和建造结合在一起,不局限于纸面上的美学,而是通过设计师之手将其变成了通用物品。如今许多工程割裂了设计和建造之间的关系,使得美流于形式,这个合作项目正是对这一现象的反击。

TeamLabs doesn’t only work with cooperative values, within the inner structures of their Team Companies, but also with social, cultural and ecological values associated to the products and services that they offer. Ethics is Aesthetics. The great surprise in the workshop has been the appropriation made by this common object, according to co-design developed with leinners, of aesthetics which are not associated with self-construction; an inverted counterattack, an usurpation made by “formal” constructions of aesthetics associated to auto-construction processes trying to highlight their ethics but only as a varnish, an action devoid of reflections associated to design and construction process.

▼表面喷涂充满活力的图案,the surface is painted in a pattern full of energy

007-Build Me_Enorme Studio

014-Build Me_Enorme Studio   015-Build Me_Enorme Studio

Workshop design: ENORME Studio
Workshop dynamization:
ENORME Studio (
Todo X La Praxis (
Workshop participants: 70 leinners of TEAMLABS ( Madrid.
Place: TEAMLABS. Calle Duque de Alba, 15. 28012 Madrid
Photo and Video: Javier de Paz García (

Drawings: ENORME Studio
English text: ENORME Studio
Chinese text: gooood

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