buckle watch by nendo

Newly designed watch with only two components

Project Specs


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Appreciation towards nendo for providing the following description:


The third product designed for the “TEN:TEN” watch collection.



A wristwatch typically consists of three elements: a timepiece, a wristband and a buckle that adjusts the straps length. By fusing the timepiece and buckle together into one element and removing the unnecessary part, the new design consists of only two components. This combines the two different straps into one long belt, allowing the user to easily adjust the length and fasten the watch on the top of their wrist rather than on the bottom.



Similarly to other “TEN:TEN” products, the belt can easily be removed and changed into different colours and textures.

photographer: Akihiro Yoshida
Now only available in Japan
black: ¥17,500 / grey: ¥18,500 / brown: ¥18,500 +tax
Miho Okuyama / Akihiro Ito ( nendo / PR )
tel: +81-3-5414-3470
mail: info@nendo.jp
website: www.nendo.jp
instagram: www.instagram.com/nendo_official/

More: nendo。更多关于他们,请至:nendo on gooood

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