B.S.P series by Atelier Sohn

By product, solvent and plastic

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在设计过程中,设计师试图找到计划与变数之间新的可能。B.S.P系列始于对于如何回收利用塑料产品的研究。系列的名字以B.L.T club sandwich的缩写为灵感,意为副产品(by product)、溶剂(Solvent)和塑料(Plastic),这些材料共同运用在了生产中。

Through defining the design process, I try to find new possibilities between plan and variables. B.S.P series starts from researching how to recycle plastic by-product. Name of B.S.P is inspired by the word abbreviation of B.L.T club sandwich. The name B.S.P means By product, Solvent, Plastic which are materials used in production.

▼产品外观,product appearance

作为工业设计师,Donghoon Sohn关注利用CNC或3d打印制作设计原型时产生的塑料碎片。在这个项目中,设计师利用物理化学实验室测试了不同用量的试剂对不同类型塑料的反应时间,发现特定塑料会在一段时间后溶解在有机溶剂中,特别是塑料碎片和失败的小零件,由于表面积比很大,可以快速被少量试剂溶解。通过此项研究,设计师将适合批量生产的塑料转译成了手工材料,并且将塑料及其副产品结合在了一起。随着试剂挥发,产品会逐渐固化,看上去就像渗出的奶酪,激发人们的好奇心,带来新的审美体验。

▼使用塑料碎片和溶剂制作产品,make the product using plastic flakes and solvent

As an industrial designer, I focus on plastic flakes generated while making numerous design prototypes of CNC or 3d printing. For this project, I tested the amount of solvent, types of plastic and reaction time with the physical chemistry lab. I noticed that  a particular type of plastic melts in organic solvents after a certain time. Especially tiny flakes or small parts from failure are easy to dissolve in a little amount of solvent due to their large surface area. From this kind of research, I can reinterpret plastic that is appropriate for mass production into a handicraft material and attach plastic with plastic by-product. It is solidified with solvent evaporation. Like spilled cheese, the object arouses people’s curiosity and gives a new aesthetic.

▼不同家具,塑料像奶酪一样渗出,different furniture with plastic like spilling cheese

▼边桌,side table



Donghoon Sohn利用这个过程设计了一系列艺术家具,可以呈现出不同的形状和颜色。设计师将在上述设计过程中继续研究材料的特性和造型的美感。

I designed art furniture with this process and, moreover, it can be applied to different shapes and colors. I will keep studying new properties of materials and its formative aesthetic with the defining design process.


Material: By product, Solvent, Plastic
Bench 1400mm X 450mm X 450mm
Side table  400mm X 340mm X 600mm
Chair 400mm X 430mm X 690mm
Design: Donghoon, Sohn ( Founder of Atelier Sohn) / www.sohn.work  / @atelier_sohn
Photographer: Hyunsung, Park / @baakyun

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