Brexit Bunker by RISE Design Studio

A sunken garden room with warm atmosphere filled with light

Project Specs

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This sunken garden room by RISE Design Studio was envisioned as a way of adding a new studio and extending the program of the house, without having to intervene in the existing portion of the building. The Garden Studio sits, or rather nests, at the rear of a small garden connected by a patio paved in clay pavers, a contemporary addition but inline with the reclaimed bricks used for the garden walls.

▼项目外观,exterior view


Inside the space, which the client jokingly calls the “Brexit Bunker”, one is surprised by a warm atmosphere filled with light that touches playfully on the built-in joinery made of birch plywood. A series of units work as storage as well as Spanish steps that lead towards the rooflight, under which one can relax surrounded by the sounds of birds without any visual hint that they are in the city instead of the country, a place of sanctuary.

▼鸟瞰图,aerial view

▼阳光明媚的温暖氛围,a warm atmosphere filled with light

▼从室内望向庭院,interior view to the patio

▼室内空间概览,interior overview

▼结合了储物空间的楼梯与天窗相连,the Spanish steps lead towards the roof light

▼工作空间,working area

▼从入口望向室内,view to the room from the entrance

▼南向的大窗使用了高度绝缘的玻璃,the highly insulated, south facing glazing


The design of the external elements is centred around a desire to create a raw aesthetic that ties the entire garden together- with rusted metal (black mild steel which was left to rust naturally, inspired by the railway line directly behind), dark clay pavers that mediate the outdoor aesthetic with the original brick texture of the house and the fern tree and shrubs that bring life and contrast into the space. A rotating pivot light was included to add a dynamic element to the external space between house and bunker, the light was designed to emulate the form of the garden studio.

▼庭院视角,view from the patio

▼生锈的屋顶,weathered steel roof

▼灯具的设计模仿了建筑本身的形状, the light was designed to emulate the form of the garden studio

▼生锈的低碳钢与场地正后方的铁轨形成了呼应,black mild steel which was left to rust naturally, inspired by the railway line directly behind


▼场地剖面图,site section


Project size: 15 m2
Project Budget: £105000
Completion date: 2019
Building levels: 1
Project team: RISE Design Studio

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