BR House by Olmos Estudio

To live a more open life with open, coherent spaces

Project Specs


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BR住宅位于巴伦西亚Ciutat Vella历史城区一栋建筑的顶层。该项目对既有的空间进行了彻底的翻新,以满足主人对于开放空间和自由生活方式的追求。结构元素位于立面线的外部,这为空间的分隔带来了很大的问题。该项目的目的是要实现空间上的和谐,因此建筑师将这些结构元素与一系列宽阔的空间结合起来,使其与自然光一起,共同构成项目的关键。

House BR is a complete housing renovation located in Ciutat Vella, one of the historic districts of Valencia. This is based on the top of a singular building, whose owner bet on a more open life with open spaces. Structural elements are outside the façade line, generating huge problems between spaces. The aim of the project was to achieve the spatial harmony, consequently, integrating all these elements into large areas and together with the natural light, they become the key of the project.



The housing distribution is simplified through a pragmatic connection between public and private areas. The two transversal and longitudinal axes define both spaces, leaving the night area to the left, and the day zone on the right, as well as service areas would be in the upper part, next to the patio, and served areas in the lower side, falling to the main façade.



Day area consists of a main hall designed as a preamble to a completely open space. After the entrance, the living room is divided in three spaces, taking advantage of the structural modulation. On one hand, the dining area holds a majestic custom-made wooden table, that allows the broad social activity of the owner. On the other hand, there is a central area reserved for reading and disconnection. The third space contains the sofa area which is facing the TV, integrated in a singular element.

▼起居空间,living space

▼摆放着大尺寸定制木桌的餐厅,the dining area with a majestic custom-made wooden table

▼适宜阅读和独处的中央空间,a central area reserved for reading and disconnection

▼面向独立电视柜的沙发区,the sofa area facing the TV


Divided by a fixed element of black glass is located the kitchen. This area, directly connected with the living room, is understood as an element of daily use in the life of the owner. It holds a central element that can be used both as work area and as dining area.

▼黑色玻璃墙界定出厨房区域, the kitchen is defined by a fixed element of black glass

▼厨房内部,kitchen interior view


At night area are located the two children bedrooms, sharing space with a guest bathroom that is directly connected to the distribution area, and also the main bedroom that integrates bathroom and a huge dressing room.  Through the use of pure materials such as natural wood flooring and stones in coatings, it is possible to create a warm atmosphere, along with the original ceilings make up a timeless architectural language.

▼主卧室,main bedroom

▼儿童房,children’s room

▼衣帽间,dressing room

▼室内细部,detailed view

▼洗手间,wash room



Project name: BR House
Architect’s Firm: Olmos Estudio | arquitectura e interiorismo
Contact e-mail:
Project location: Valencia, Spain
Completion Year: 2018
Gross Built Area (square meters or square foot): 220 m2
Lead Architects: Alberto Olmos and Carlos Olmos
Other participants
Constructor – STR, Soluciones Técnicas Obras y Rehabilitación
Photo credits: Diego Opazo
Photographer’s website:

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