Both Sides by Didzis Jaunzems Architecture

Multimedia stage with a polygonal surface

Project Specs


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Both Sides多媒体舞蹈表演是拉脱维亚100周年(2018)国庆庆典中最精彩的节目之一。借助精心编排的音乐、舞蹈、舞台布景、视频和灯光投影,Both Sides讲述了拉脱维亚的诞生历史,以及过去一百年间发生的故事。


Multimedia dance performance Both Sides is created as the culmination event of the Latvia’s centenary. Through the music, choreography, scenography, video and light projections, the story of the emergence of Latvia and experience of the last hundred years is told.

▼舞台概览, stage overview


▼Both Sides(Abas Malas)多媒体舞蹈表演,Both Sides (Abas Malas) Multimedia dance performance

2000 m2 large stage is designed in the shape of Latvian flag. The flag is used not only as a symbol of the nation, but also as a space making element. It creates dance floor for large scenes of groups of dancers and smaller spaces for soloists. The polygonal surface of the scenography works also as a giant video projection screen for Latvian history photo and video interpretations.

▼多边形的舞台表面可用作巨型的投影屏幕,the polygonal surface of the scenography works as a giant video projection screen

▼舞台可适应多种规模的表演,the stage provides adaptable floors and spaces for performance

▼舞台近景,close views to the stage

▼整体效果,overall effect

▼施工过程,construction phase


▼承重结构示意,load bearing structure

▼胶合板安装示意,plywood sheets

Project name: Both Sides (Abas Malas)
Project location: Arena Riga, Latvia
Built area: 2000 m2
Stage design: Didzis Jaunzems
Stage directing: Roberts Rubins, Juris Jonelis
Multimedia: Maris Kalve
Lights: Normunds Blasans
Costumes: Jolanta Rimkute
Producers: Latvian National Centre of Culture, Daiga Livcane
Photos: Uldis Lapiņš
Year: 2018

More:Didzis Jaunzems Architecture。更多关于他们:Didzis Jaunzems Architecture on gooood

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