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结束在斯洛伐克、罗马尼亚和中国的一系列展览后,艺术家Vincent leroy于近日在法国雷恩美术馆展出了Boreal Halo(北方光环)装置。

After exhibitions in Slovakia, Romania, China, Vincent leroy showcases the Boreal Halo in the Beaux-Arts Museum of Rennes, France.

▼从美术馆入口看装置,view from the museum entrance

再一次,巨大的圆环在运动中似乎悬浮于地面之上,博物馆空间的白色氛围强化了失重的效果。花岗岩地面与Boreal Halo的光晕形成了鲜明对比,从房间天顶投射出的自然光为装置营造出模糊、黑暗和移动的影子。这种感觉非常有趣,好像时间忽然慢了下来。

Once again, the giant ring in motion seems to levitate above the ground, the white atmosphere of the space of the museum reinforcing the effect of weightlessness. The contrast of the Boreal Halo with the granite stone of the museum floor is amazing with a deep shadow. The natural zenithal light of the room projects a blurry, dark and moving shadow of the work. It creates a very intriguing feeling, as if time was slowing down.

▼圆环装置位于美术馆中央, view of the central space of the  Beaux-Art Museum

▼从屋顶透进的自然光为装置带来了光晕,the shadow looks very deep on the granite stone floor of the museum

▼孩子马上就能感受到这种感觉,kid senses imediately the feeling

▼该装置让人开始思考自己的想象力和梦想,the installation question your imagination, your dream

▼运动着的圆环内部,inside the giant ring in motion

该实验会让公众陷入片刻的沉思,这对大脑来说是一次有益的停顿,而音乐《Let yourself go》则是艺术家想要传达出的信息。一段原始的四声道音频为这个特别的场合量身订造,它与装置的运动同步,为Boreal Halo营造出空灵的氛围。为了专门调整声景,所有设备都在博物馆里直接进行了测试和改进。最终,展览空间、装置的运动和音效都完美契合,为公众提供了十分独特的体验。

This experiment transports the public in a moment of contemplative feeling. It’s a beneficial pause for the mind : « Let yourself go » is the message. An original quadraphonic sound design composition has been created for this special occasion. It is synchronized with the movement of the piece and is transcripting in sounds the ethereal atmosphere created by the Boreal Halo. 

In order to specifically adjust the soundscape, everything has been directly tested and improved in the museum. Thus, space, movement and sound fit perfectly, offering a very unique experience to the public.

▼Jérôme Echenoz将所有的声音与空间融合 ,Jérôme Echenoz realises all sound with the space

Sound design : Jérôme Echenoz / Adorable Studio /
Pictures : Festival Maintenant 2019 © Gwendal Le Flem and © Vincent Leroy
Festival Maintenant :

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