Book Shelf House by Shinsuke Fujii ARCHITECTS

A smart use of an oblique wall

Project Specs


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By making the wall diagonal, a new easy-to-use bookshelf integrated with the building was born. Because all the shelves of the bookshelf are inclined, children, women and old people can easily climb without a ladder, and books of high position can be easily taken out and put in. In addition books don’t collapse when an earthquake occurs.

▼倾斜墙壁成为方便的书架,a bookshelf was integrated with the building through an oblique wall

▼起居室,living room

▼丰富的空间关系,a rich spatial relationship

▼书架的角度使其非常易于攀爬,the bookshelf is easy to climb due to its incline


In Japan where rain often falls, oblique walls play a role as a roof of approach to the entrance. The vertical side plate is used as the pillar (38 ~ 235 @ 455) of the structure.The horizontal shelf functions to prevent buckling of 4 m long pillars. From the viewpoint of a safe bookshelf, a new relationship of housing – structure – bookshelf has been created.

▼建筑外观,exterior view

▼倾斜的墙壁起到了入口兼屋顶的作用,the oblique wall plays a role as a roof of approach to the entrance

▼设计示意图,design concept


Site Area:105.67m2
Floor Area:86.16m2

More:Shinsuke Fujii ARCHITECTS,更多关于他们:Shinsuke Fujii ARCHITECTS on gooood

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