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Made for the streetscape, by the streetscape

Project Specs


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BLASST is a public bench, composed of stretchy gold spandex enveloping a squishy-foamy interior. The bench provides a curious contrast and striking seduction; it is a bottom’s blank canvas.

▼BLASST公共长椅外观,the BLASST public bench

▼长椅由包裹着松软泡沫的金色弹性纤维构成,the bench is composed of stretchy gold fiber enveloping a squishy-foamy interior

在“MAKE: Bench”竞赛说明中,设计师们指出,他们不能完全预测一个公共长椅将被如何使用,只能确定采用何种构造方式。它们在街景中大小、形状、使用偏好都不受约束。BLASST由街景而生,因街景而存在。

As part of the “MAKE: Bench” Competition brief, the designers noted that they could not fully predict how a public bench will be used, but they could predict how it may be constructed. There are unlimited sizes, shapes and preferences of the streetscape. BLASST is made for the streetscape, by the streetscape.



BLASST is a bench continually formed by the cross-collaboration of citizen booties and foam – creating a frothy gold nugget for the public to rest upon.

▼BLASST产生了市民与泡沫形态的互动,BLASST is a bench continually formed by the cross-collaboration of citizen booties and foam


The brief is to promote the street as a public space through a designed seating-surface. To design a public seating device that can engage and transform the dynamics on the street.THE BENCH must function as public seating with minimum of 12 seating space-surfaces. Budget: $5000 CAD. Permitted Site: 4′ x 20′.

▼金色纤维细节,detail of golden fibers

▼长椅多样的使用方式,the bench is used in a variety of ways


▼平面&立面,plan and elevation

Project size-80 ft2
Project Budget-$5000
Completion date-2017

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