Blackout the oculus of the gods’ omnipresent observation

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本项目为SpY事务所在2021Logroño国际建筑与设计节“Concéntrico 07”中展出的装置艺术中作品。一个直径15米的巨型黑色球体被安放在Logroño多式联运站入口顶棚的穹顶天窗中。

In “Blackout”, SpY proposes the installation of a black sphere with a diameter of 15mt to be located in the central oculus of the Logroño intermodal station for “Concéntrico 07” Logroño’s International Festival of Architecture and Design.

▼视频, video © SpY


The oculus in their architectural origin had the function of windows or as a passage of light. Etymologically, the word derives from the Latin expression “ochulos” which literally translates as “eye”. In the Neolithic period it was interpreted as a symbol of the gods’ constant vigilance and attention to the actions of human beings. With this intervention, SpY proposes a reflection through the historical symbolism of the oculus as a window of the gods’ omnipresent observation.

▼城市远景, viewing the project at distance © RubenP Bescos

▼装置位于车站入口顶棚的穹顶天窗上, the sphere is location in the oculus of the station © RubenP Bescos

▼鸟瞰装置与下方的道路, aerial view of the project and the road below © RubenP Bescos


It creates a parallel at a time when the digital has gained full presence in our lives through technological windows, establishing itself by way of surveillance, algorithmic observation and a new predictive cybernetic order. A state of digital control that parameterizes our existence and which is gradually changing how we humans relate.

▼由屋顶花园看项目, viewing the project on the roof garden © RubenP Bescos

▼装置近景,closer look of the project © RubenP Bescos

▼黄昏中的装置,the sphere in the dust © RubenP Bescos


With the installation of this large black sphere, SpY seeks to block the vision and entry of light by occupying the entire oculus perimeter. The volume of the sphere surpasses both sides of the domed ceiling, being observable from different viewpoints of the station and the city.

▼由顶棚下方看装置,viewing the project under the roof © RubenP Bescos

▼球形装置几乎填满了整个天窗, the black sphere fill almost the entire oculus © RubenP Bescos


关于 Concéntrico 07
About Concéntrico 07


Logroño International Festival of Architecture and Design Concéntrico is the Logroño (Spain) International Festival of Architecture and Design that annually proposes to reflect on the urban environment and the city. The Festival invites visitors to tour the city through installations, exhibitions, meetings, activities and performances that create a connection between the venues, squares, streets, courtyards and hidden spaces that usually go unnoticed in their daily lives.

▼未充气状态, Uninflated condition © RubenP Bescos

▼安装过程, installation process © RubenP Bescos

▼材料细部, material details © RubenP Bescos

Logroño – Spain 2021 Concéntrico 07 Feival
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