Black Square by Gregory Orekhov

Enter the park, or enter infinity

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雕塑家和艺术家Gregory Orekhov近日在莫斯科的马列维奇公园完成了他的最新作品“黑色广场”(Black Square)。

Gregory Orekhov reinterprets the “Black Square” in his new work for Malevich Park located in the Moscow region.

▼装置概览,general view © Ivan Muraenko


“Black Square” is the first large-scale monument created in memory of Kazimir Malevich, and a unique example of a contemporary Russian sculpture. Orekhov considered the sculpture’s captured volume and intentionally preserved its “unnaturalness” against the backdrop of the park, which is the most important characteristic of the object. Orekhov masterfully integrates the work of art within the built environment, all the while connecting the viewer to the architectural space of the landscape.

▼“黑色广场”将观者与景观中的建筑空间连接起来 © Ivan Muraenko
“Black Square” connects the viewer to the architectural space of the landscape


Divided into two parts, Orekhov’s “Black Square” acts as a passageway into the park. The object itself is quite utilitarian in its nature. According to the artist’s idea, once we enter the “square”, we find ourselves at a crossroad ― to either enter the park or enter infinity, a crossing between what occurs in real-life and hundreds of its unfulfilled variations.

▼两个体量,the two parts © Ivan Muraenko

▼“步入无限”,“enter infinity” © Ivan Muraenko


Orekhov was able to achieve this by placing two full-length mirrors made of polished stainless steel into the two halves of the cube. The steel sheets made in the artist’s studio have no analogues in Russia, while the surface polishing was achieved with the highest level of processing. Nevertheless, the technique is applied against itself, against the course of historical time, against progress, as a means of overcoming history and returning to the beginning of nature.

▼抛光不锈钢镜面,polished stainless steel surface © Ivan Muraenko

▼被反射的自然,the reflected nature © Ivan Muraenko

▼手绘,sketch © Gregory Orekhov

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