Black and White Dog Painting by Endre Penovác

Celebrating all the dogs and the Lunar New Year.

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非常感谢 Endre Penovác 予gooood分享以下内容 。更多关于他:Endre Penovác on gooood.
Appreciation towards Endre Penovác for providing the following description:

2018年2月16日是中国的传统节日春节,也是狗年的开始。狗是人类最真诚友善的朋友,它们爱我们甚至超过爱自己。在此,Endre Penovác将与我们分享他的黑白墨水画作,与我们共同庆祝中国农历新年。

Welcoming the Year of Dog According to the Chinese zodiac 16th February will mark the start of The Year of Dog. Dogs are faithful and loyal friends that want nothing else in life but to love us and be loved. Let’s celebrate all the dogs and the Lunar New Year with Endre Penovac’s stunning black-and white artworks.














MORE: Endre Penovác,更多关于他:Endre Penovác on gooood

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