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非常感谢 Hank Beyer ( and Alex Sizemore ( 予gooood分享以下内容 。Appreciation towards Hank Beyer ( and Alex Sizemore ( for providing the following description:

据悉俄亥俄州的Loraine县富含世界上最均质、并持有渗透性的砂岩层。 2017年夏天,设计师潜心调研了该地从伊利到亚当斯县的一处家族采石场的运作情况。在这里,包含了从采石到切割的所有过程。

Loraine County, Ohio contains some of the most homogeneous and permeable beds of sandstone in the world. During the summer of 2017 we spent time investigating and observing the operations of a family-owned quarry along the stone formation running from Erie to Adams County. All processes, from quarrying to cutting, occur on the same piece of land.



这些石头中无瑕疵,无矿物杂质和杂色的最细致的将会用于石油检测的核心。这种石头的百分之九十三是纯硅石,每立方英尺重一百四十磅。用于检测的砂岩核心直径约四到六英寸,长两到四英尺。 在实验室里,与盐水混合过的原油或成品油会被砂岩核心从一端推向另一端,这个过程被称为核心冲刷。 这些揭示流量和压力变化的测试,为优化油提取过程提供了有价值的数据。 目前还没有合成材料可以取代这些实验中使用的砂岩。

Free from faults, mineral impurities and variegation, the finest stone is reserved for cutting petroleum test cores. Ninety-three percent of this strain of stone is pure silica and weighs one hundred and forty pounds per cubic foot. These cores measure four to six inches across and two to four feet long. In a laboratory setting, crude or refined oil mixed with brine is forced from one end of the sandstone core to the other; this process is known as core flooding. Flow rate and pressure changes revealed by these tests provide valuable data used to optimize oil extraction processes. No known synthetic material can replace the sandstone used in these experiments.

▼石油测试核心,petroleum test cores




After becoming familiar with the quarry, their production methods and various machining procedures, our interest shifted toward the excess of offcuts. In addition to the rough faces cut from larger stones and the negative spaces created while drilling, entire cores are often neglected after a cross-cut reveals an oxidized iron vein.

▼加工废料,the excess of offcuts




This collection of tables, stools, lamps and trays is the result of an exploration into alternative outcomes for discarded material.




▼灯, lamps


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