An ecological bridge provides roost for bats.

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Vlotwateringbrug桥,俗称“蝙蝠桥”,已于十月初面向公众开放。该桥由三个特定部分构成,为多个蝙蝠物种提供栖身之所。北面桥墩可作为蝙蝠越冬之处;桥身与砖石栏杆则供蝙蝠度过炎炎夏日。设计旨在为各类蝙蝠物种打造理想的栖息环境,以期扩大其种群数量。哺乳动物协会蝙蝠研究专家 Marcel Schillemans将其称作一个“兼具功能性及服务自然环境的极佳案例”。

The Vlotwateringbrug or popularly‘batbridge’has opened for the public in the beginning of October. The bridge has three specific components that provide for several bat species. At the north side the abutment functions as a winter stay.The deck and the brick balustrade accommodate stays for bats during the summer. The bridge design is intended to constitute the ideal habitat for various species of bats, aiming to grow a large colony.“A textbook example of how a functional object can at the same time serve nature,” says bat-expert Marcel Schillemans from the Mammal Society.

▼蝙蝠桥外观。External view of the bridge.

© Raymond Rutting


The project is located along a flight route of several bat species. To optimize the suitability of the bridge for bats, the structure is made out of concrete. The mass of the concrete provides as table and pleasant climate. The underside of the bridge is provided with entrance slots. The openings have a rough finish for grip. The slots are part of a pattern of grooves in the concrete arch.

▼混凝土桥体,下方设有入口槽。The bridge is made of concrete with entrance slots underside.

© Raymond Rutting

© Raymond Rutting

▼蝙蝠可以停留在槽中。The bats could stay in the slots.


横跨Vlotwatering 水域,新桥在已有的两个地块之间蜿蜒前行,标示出普尔区入口。在最高点,蝙蝠桥峰回路转展现出一片通透的开阔视野。薄薄的木板让水域沿岸更加开阔。混凝土拱门长达25米,横跨整个Vlotwatering 水域。S形桥面采用桥下斜式承压拱门支撑。

Clever use is made of the structural space in the cross section to implement the roots. Crossing the Vlotwatering the new bridge winds between two existing parcels and marks the entrance of the Poelzone. At the highest point, the bridge makes a turn for a clear view of the area. The wooden lamellas provide openness to the nature banks along the water. With a length of 25 meters the concrete arch spans the entire Vlotwatering. The S-shaped desk is supported with a pressure arc thatslants under the bridge.

▼桥面蜿蜒,视野开阔。Curved bridge with clear view of the area.

© Raymond Rutting

▼混凝土拱横跨整个水域。The concrete arch spans the entire Vlotwatering.

© Raymond Rutting

▼宽阔的桥面,人行道为砖铺地。Wide bridge with brick pedestrian path.

© Raymond Rutting

© NEXT architects

蝙蝠桥已成为普尔区的一个组成部分。它位于Westland 的一处狭长区域,介于Naaldwijks-Gravenzande镇和Monster镇已有中心区域之间。在这里,将沿着水道建造崭新的绿色娱乐区,享有自然河岸以及鱼类产卵之地。景观设计由LOLA景观设计事务所担纲制作,将增强已有的绿色与生态关系,让自然与娱乐价值二者相辅相成,和谐共处。

The bat bridge become part of the Poelzone,an elongated area in the Westland between the existing centres of ’s-Gravenzande , Naaldwijk and Monster. Along the waterway a new green recreational zone with natural banks and spawn sites for fish will be realized. The landscape design by LOLA. Landscape is made to strengthen the existing green and ecological connections in which natural and recreational values complement each other.

▼桥外侧覆盖木栏杆,与自然相和谐。The bridge is covered by wooden guardrail, corresponding to the nature.

© NEXT architects

 © Raymond Rutting


© NEXT architects

▼总平面图,master plan


▼栏杆细部,guardrail details


▼砖结构细部,details of the brick structure

施工 顾问:PietersBouwtechniek Haarlem (Frank Meijer)
项目款 顾问:LaanBouwkostenadvies (Theo Laan)
生态 顾问:Zoogdiervereniging (Herman Limpens)
联系人:Kroesaannemingsbedrijf B.V.

Type/Program: Bridge
Location: Monster, The Netherlands
Span: 25 mtr
Cost/Value: $1.200.000
Status: Completed
Preliminary design: Jan 2014
Final design: Mar 2014
Start building: Dec 2014
Completion: Oct 2015
Client: Municipality of Wateringen
Architect/designer: NEXT architects
Contact person: Ir.B.Reuser

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