Balmoral House by Polly Harbison Design

Building the house into a sculpture,overlooking the ocean.

Project Specs


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该项目正对悉尼的Balmoral海滩,因此设计的核心是建筑如何融于环境。设计灵感最初来源于雕塑家Isamu Noguchi演绎虚实的作品。业主对艺术充满热情,因此欣然接受了将家打造成雕塑的想法。

The house is located directly opposite Balmoral beach in Sydney. Central to the design is how the building contributes to its surroundings. The initial design was inspired by a work by Isamu Noguchi, a sculpture that is a play on solid and void. Given our clients passion for art, they embraced conceiving of their home as a sculpture on the site.

▼建筑外观,appearance © Brett Boardman


The building creates a framed window from the street, through a sculpture court, to the water view beyond. Art and views are shared with the street.

▼入口,entrance © Brett Boardman

▼建筑体块围合成取景框,the building creates a framed window © Brett Boardman

▼立面设置窗户,可以远眺海景 © Brett Boardman
windows are set on the facade, which can overlook the seascape

▼细节,details © Brett Boardman


The sculptural form was painstakingly reworked and shifted to solve the complexities of the site and the client’s functional brief. Boxes shift orientation to respond to views, the sun and privacy requirements.
There is a consistent minimalist, palette of natural textures, against which the colour and richness of art dominates to create a dynamic and warm interior.

▼餐饮空间,氛围动感且温馨,dining space,the atmosphere is dynamic and warm © Brett Boardman

▼立面采用全玻璃,可以欣赏海景,all glass facade,can enjoy the seascape © Brett Boardman

▼室外露台,exterior terrace © Brett Boardman

▼楼梯通高空间,height space of the staircase © Brett Boardman

▼摆放雕塑作品,空间充满雕塑感,displaying sculpture works,space full of sense of sculpture © Brett Boardman

▼浴室,bathroom © Brett Boardman

Completion date:2015
Building levels:3
Project team
Ralph Rembel – interiors
Nicholas Byrne and Vince Myson – architectural detail and documentation
Daniel Baffsky – landscaping
Bellevarde – builder
Adam Howe and Mick Carroll – site foremen
Ken Murtagh – structural engineer
Photos: Brett Boardman

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