AWEL workshop / Rossetti + Wyss

2 days, 36 solid wood elements, 475 sqm workshop.

Project Specs


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苏黎世为它的水运工程运营中心建造了一座新的建筑来存放车辆和工程机械,同时也作为工作车间提供进行精细加工的场所。建筑融入了传统农业房屋的概念。建筑采用了乐高一般拼接的手法构建基础结构,实现了大人童年时期的梦想。车间由 36 个实木构件组成,每一个构件都有独特的作用,组成整体的一部分。这个结构中的每个部分都不可或缺,没有多余的部分。实木的结构在内外可以清晰的看见。“节制的设计”是这个项目最重要的一点,简单却不普通。

The Canton of Zurich adds a new building to its waterways engineering operations center to house vehicles and machines that serves at the same time as a workshop for carrying out detail work. The concept for the building draws on traditional agricultural construction while at the same time, so to speak, realizing a childhood dream: stacking up and layering simple wooden blocks to build an elementary structure. The workshop is made up of 36 solid wood elements. Every single element has its own structural effect, protecting the space and forming part of the whole. Everything that is necessary is there, with nothing superfluous added. The solid timber support structure is visible both inside and out. Restraint is the creative byword here. But the simplicity is anything but ordinary.

▼ 建筑外观,appearance of the architecture ©Jürg Zimmermann

▼ 建筑用作仓储和工作车间,new building serves as workshop and storage space ©Jürg Zimmermann

▼ 建筑内部空间,internal space ©Jürg Zimmermann

车间的建造利用了构件装配的原理,将木质构件放大至一定的尺寸然后相互啮合。木质元件仅在两天内完成了装配,这些单独的部件组合在一起形成了稳定的结构。所有的木材都取自瑞士的森林中,一共只花了 18 分钟的时间。

The workshop draws on the principles of block assembly – taking it to undreamt-of dimensions – intermeshing the elements at the corners. The wooden elements are interconnected on the building site in only two days, so that the rather soft components come together to form a stable structure. The timber used regrows in Swiss forests in just 18 minutes.

▼ 建筑是由木质元件装配而来,the workshop draws on the principles of block assembly ©Jürg Zimmermann

▼ 相互啮合的构件,the elements intermeshed at the corners ©Jürg Zimmermann

▼ 建造过程,the construction process ©Rossetti + Wyss



▼ 建成后的夜景,night’s view ©Jürg Zimmermann

▼ 总平面,Masterplan

▼ 立面,Elevation

Name of project: AWEL workshop, Andelfingen
Client: Zurich Canton – Construction Department
Location: Andelfingen, Switzerland
Year of completion: 2015
Netto surface area: 475 sq.m.
Total timber used: 340 cu.m.

Architect: Rossetti + Wyss Architekten AG, Zurich Switzerland
Building engineer: Dr. Lüchinger+Meyer Bauingenieure AG, Zurich Switzerland
Timber construction: Erne Holzbau AG, Stein
Electrical engineer: Zürcher Elektroplanungen AG, St. Gallen Switzerland
Execution: August 2014 – March 2015

Photos: Jürg Zimmermann, Zurich Switzerland

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