Atelier Marco Bagnoli by Toti Semerano

An architecture invaded by vegetation.

Project Specs

Design Firm:

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The basic idea of the project is to create a core set, which consists of one studio atelier that has the potential to evolve gradually over time into a more complex organism; a center of contemporary arts that can host exhibitions and performances in close relationship with the territory and its specificity, with great attention to art academies and in close contact with the workshops at the place.



A wall-fence-path surrounds and interacts with the essential volumes of the atelier-marking empty spaces … spaces for art.

▼坐落在景观中的艺术中心,the studio atelier sited in the centre of idyllic landscape

▼从山坡上看到的建筑,access to the atelier from the upper slope

▼庭院中的景观,the installation in the central waterscape


Working to dig-subtraction in the original profiles of the hill, the atelier spaces reveal themselves gradually with the thrill of discovery where natural light draws changing scenarios in constant relationship with the surrounding landscape. The wall-fence-path is configured accordingly, not as antagonistic to the landscape, but wants to integrate with the surrounding environment through a dialogue of materials and transparencies. In order to perceive the artwork displayed by different points and heights, the project is just taking place from a ramp, which with its gently sloping spiral, energizes and connects all outdoor spaces, penetrates the main body, it laps the wide terraces and finally descends into the hillside in order to become an underground path to support the future space expansion expected entirely dug into the hillside. It is a botanic architecture that will follow the reed degradation cycle, which mixed with the local land covers its surface, ideal support for the growth of vegetation that gradually will replace it; leaves flowers and fruits … why not? A skin alive never the same over time.

▼庭院中的舷梯,ramp in the countyard




▼入口庭院,the entry plaza



The architecture willingly renounces to remain immutable in time but always gives more space to the vegetation, on the contrary, adjusts itself to be invaded.

▼建筑与自然的结合,the architecture gives more space to the vegetation



The project for its vocation pays great attention to the materials and the use of sustainability criteria, in particular has been designed to use wood for supporting structures and a part of the external cladding. Stone, natural fibers, lime and clay to the other external coatings.



▼底层平面,ground floor plan

▼二层平面,second floor plan

▼北侧立面,north elevation

▼东侧立面,east elevation



Architects: Toti Semerano
Project Team: Stefano Zanardi, Ludovica Fava, Salvatore Musarò, Stefano Sabato, Iride Filoni, Stefano Antonello, Andrea Piscopo, GunarThom

Construction supervision: Arco. Luciano Scali

Structural project: ing. Antonangelo Schipani
Thermotechnical project: ing. Giovanni Barbieri

Wood works: Rubner holzbau
Construction works: Edilsavy snc
Client: Marco Bagnoli

Size data:
Lot area: 10788 sqm
Project area: 2000 sqm
Project volume: 9049 mc

Dimensional data:
Surface area: 10788 sqm
Project area: 2000 sqm
Project volume: 9049 mc

Design: 2007-2011
Allowed to build: July 2011
Realization: 2013/2016

Municipality of Montelupo Fiorentino (Florence)
Villanova via Vicinale delle Querce

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