aswell shop and cafe by koyori

Return the building to its original expression

Project Specs


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This is the interior design for “aswell”, a select shop and cafe on the ground floor of a retro reinforced-concrete apartment block beside Lake Biwa in Kayanoura, Ōtsu-shi, Shiga.Aswell is located in a quiet spot away from the main trunk route.

▼门店外观,store exterior view


By removing the previous store’s aluminium windows frames that were out of place in the relaxed concrete building that suggests the passage of time, we returned the building to its original expression with a simple composition having just a large opening with wooden fittings.

▼室内概览,interior overview

▼拥有木制配件的宽阔玻璃门,a large opening with wooden fittings

▼陈列空间, display area

▼新增加的砂浆材质的柜台,the newly installed mortar counters

▼入口休息区,seating area at the entrance

▼试衣间门帘,the curtain of the fitting room


The interior has been laid bare to reveal notes and drawings made on the building itself when it was built, and we have used a simple composition that gently contrasts the similar expressions of the reinforced concrete floor, ceiling and pillars that have stood since then and the newly installed mortar counters and fixtures.

▼简洁裸露的内饰,the simple and bare interior

▼服饰展区细部,display area detail


We have also combined copper, steel, wood and other materials that gradually change their expression with use in various places to tie the whole together into a luxurious space.

▼夜间视角,interior view by night



People who visit aswell will be able to sense the expectation and beauty that gives a feeling of the developing “from now on”.

▼aswell兼备了服装店和咖啡馆的功能, “aswell” also functions as a cafe

Location: City of otsu, Shiga prefecture
Completion:July 2019
Building use: Select shop & Cafe

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