Arte by Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel

Perfect integration of architecture and site.

Project Specs

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该项目位于佛罗里达阳光明媚的滨海区域Surfside,由意大利跨界建筑师Antonio Citterio和Patricia Viel设计,是一栋11层、16户的豪华公寓楼。

Designed by Italian cross-disciplinary practice Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel, Arte is an eleven-story luxury residential development that comprises 16 luxury condominium residences on the sunny oceanfront of Surfside, Florida.

▼项目顶视图,top view of the project © Kris Tamburello

它的东侧面向海滩,西侧紧邻Collins大道,周围是休闲风格的酒店和住宅,很好地融入了城市街道景观。建筑师Antonio Citterio表示:“在每个项目中,我们都追求建筑与场地的完美融合,但实际上很难做到。”

Its architecture addresses the urban streetscape–the leisurely character of hospitality and residential buildings along Collins Avenue–and the building’s exposure to the beach on the east side.“The building and the setting are intrinsically connected to one another. We strive for this in every project, but rarely is it achieved to this extent.” – Antonio Citterio

▼西侧紧邻Collins大道,its west side is adjacent to Collins Avenue © Kris Tamburello

▼西立面,融入了城市街道景观,west facade,integrated into urban streetscape © Kris Tamburello

▼东立面,面向海滩,east facade,facing the beach © Kris Tamburello


The requirements of the site area are balanced by the symmetrical stacking of the building components articulated around the central east-west axis. These elements are extruded along the length of the building and represent themselves in an almost identical way on the east elevation as they do on the west. Arte keeps the complexity of an urban building located in a historical context while providing wide and open views to the ocean. Protective yet fragile in nature, the architecture of the residences celebrate outdoor living in a uniquely Italian fashion.

▼层叠的楼板向外突出,stacking floors extruded © Kris Tamburello

▼楼板细节,details © Kris Tamburello

▼建筑沿海一侧的户外泳池区,outdoor swimming pool area on the coastal side of the building © Kris Tamburello

▼露台,可以欣赏海滩,terrace,can enjoy the scenery of the beach © Kris Tamburello

建筑师Patricia Viel说:“在迈阿密,很少有建筑像这栋公寓楼一样,强调城市和海滩之间的特殊关系。该建筑面积105500平方英尺(9800平方米),水平方向由一系列的露台连接,创造出室外空间,同时使得建筑体块后退,以符合分区要求。建筑借鉴迈阿密Dade和Surfside的选材,使用洞石、青铜色饰面和玻璃等精致的材料,创造出有前景的建筑外观。背对Collins大道,它提供了包括水疗中心、网球场和俱乐部会所等便利服务设施。

“We created an approach to the building that emphasizes the very special relationship between the urban environment and the beach. Very few buildings in Miami do this.” – Patricia Viel.Horizontally, the massing of the 105,500 sf (9,800 sqm) building is articulated by a series of terraces which create outdoor spaces while allowing for the building mass to elegantly ‘step back’ in a manner that aligns with the zoning requirements. Alluding to historical precedents in Miami-Dade & Surfside, exquisite materials such as travertine, bronze colored finishes and glass create a contemporary outlook for the new development. Located on the opposite side of Collins Avenue, the amenities and services building includes a spa, a tennis court and a clubhouse.

▼水疗中心,spa © Kris Tamburello

▼俱乐部会所,clubhouse © Kris Tamburello

▼公寓,紧邻网球场,apartment,next to tennis court © Kris Tamburello


The interaction between the urban context, the architecture, and nature formulates the interior spaces in a careful harmony of seclusion and transparency. With landscaped terraces that offer unobstructed views to the ocean, each residence is conceived as a private space that evokes a sense of understated and informal luxury. Arte draws a unified composition of textures in bronze, wood, stone and glass, carrying impressions of warm homeliness on the beachfront of Surfside, Miami.

▼客厅,living room © Kris Tamburello

▼厨房,kitchen © Kris Tamburello

▼卧室,bedroom © Kris Tamburello

Design (architecture and interiors):Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel &Joseph Montaleone (Partner-in-Charge)
Client:Sapir Corp Ltd.
Landscape design:ENEA GmbH
Executive architect:Kobi Karp Architecture and Interior Design
Area (GFA):residential building: 105,500 sf / 9,800 sqm (east building) amenities and services building: 48,160 sf / 4,475 sqm (west building)
Height:45 m
Year:2016 – ongoing

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