Arper’s Booth, Milano By MAIO

The freely assembled geometric elements using in the booth.

Project Specs


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MAIO’s spatial concept for Arper is defined by a set of geometric elements that can be freely assembled and recombined. A set of simple geometric frames allows an infinity of possibilities and spatial reconfigurations as well as using different finishings, textures and colors. The system, consisting of 5 basic elements, allows to create reusable, self-supporting and simple-to-build structures.

▼主展厅,the main booth

▼办公家具展厅,the EIMU booth



主展厅 Main Booth


In the first application of the system, a series of spaces enclosing a piazza have been created. The central space is surrounded by a set of interconnected rooms where furniture is shown. Each room has been designed as a space related to its specific content and styling.The walls and the ceiling of each room change in order to provide a unique character to each one. The spaces become domestic while adapted to the big scale of the fair, forming a sort of a city-within-a-city while the promenade among them shows a changing environment.In this particular application, the frames have been covered with wood and painted in the interior of the rooms.

▼各展区于中央连通,spaces are connected in the centre

▼展厅中的几何元素,the geometric elements




办公家具展厅 EIMU  Booth


In the second application of the system, the booth is conceived as a continuous space containing the furniture. The basic elements are covered with a double fabric finishing forming a translucent box material that allows to play with shadows and transparency. The continuity of the box is only interrupted by some openings resulting of the circular and triangular basic frames.

▼半透明的展厅,the transparent booth


Architects: MAIO

Team: Anna Puigjaner, Maria Charneco, Guillermo López, Alfredo Lérida

Creative direction: Studio Altherr,
Styling: Studio Bakker
Lighting design: Cook & Associates
Client: Arper SPA
Collaborators: Miguel Bernat, Núria Ortigosa, Mariona Mayol
Photo credits: José Hevia
Structural eng.: Oriol Palou
Total area: 880 sqm, 200 sqm
Location: Milano, Italy
Year completed: 2017

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