Aquas Perma Solar Firma By CplusC Architectural Workshop

To integrate the living and nature, and binging in a healthy life.

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Aquas Perma Solar Firm项目将日常居住中的阳台,利用木板和玻璃灯材料,改造成正立面垂直交通空间。住宅设计秉承可持续发展的设计理念,融入了尖端的建筑设计技术和绿色健康的生活方式,将这栋位于紧凑城市布局的住宅建筑,打造成精美而巧妙的居住空间。

Aquas Perma Solar Firma has reinvented terrace living by locating the vertical circulation in the front façade with a glass and timber batten circular stair doubling as a greenhouse. The house combines cutting edge architectural design with off grid green initiatives. The terrace is a beautiful, small footprint home on a tight urban site that incorporates a wide range of active and passive sustainability measures inside and out.

▼将交通空间从内部转移到建筑正立面,relocating the vertical circulation in the front façade


Pulling vertical circulation to the front of the building has improved the flexibility of the internal spaces. The integration of house and green spaces was a major design move, significantly increasing the interaction between all components of the residence. The central courtyard is accessed through vertically hung doors operated via a rack and pinion crankwheel paired with a custom concrete counterweight, while the kitchen at the back of the house can be fully opened up to flow into the rear garden.

▼交通空间由露台改造而成, reinvented terrace living to vertical circulation

▼通往花园的垂直升降门,the central courtyard is accessed through vertically hung doors operated via a rack and pinion crankwheel paired

▼厨房与庭院对视,the view connection of kitchen and courtyard


A central concern throughout the design process was ensuring the design would contribute to the longevity of the building. To this end, the central courtyard ensures all internal spaces are offered superior daylighting and access to green spaces despite the tight site, while internal planting beds are integrated into the home to improve internal air quality and the custom movable island bench provides clients with flexible ways to use the rear space. The rear garden includes outdoor seating which accommodates an aquaponics system for fish harvesting and fertilising the vertical lettuce garden; a wicking bed for drought resistance; and a compost system, while planter boxes are used for a productive vegetable garden. In addition to yielding the majority of the household’s food, organic waste produced by the household is used to feed the chickens (housed in a coop integrated with the onsite storage) and worm farm, effectively closing the loop.

▼中央庭院亦是生态种植园,the central courtyard is also act as the rear garden


In addition to organic sustainability initiatives, the home incorporates a range of strategies to minimise reliance on external infrastructure, including installation of an on-site underground rain water storage which supplies the toilets, laundry and irrigation; an evacuated glass tube solar hot water system to supply hot water for the house; and a 1.5Kw photovoltaic power generation system to run the home and to charge the home owners electric car. Combined, these elements have meant that the house surpassed the clients desire for a sustainable home and is virtually off grid for most of the year. With the chickens and vegetable garden in full swing, excess produce is shared amongst neighbours, friends, and family. Combined with the intriguing façade and front gate planter, the clients have befriended neighbours that they previously had limited interaction with, an unexpected benefit.

▼庭院里的生态种植系统/空间细节,the organic planting system/interior detail


▼种植园的农产品,the products


Completion date:2016
Building levels:2
Project team: CplusC Architectural Workshop

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