Animal Factory by Luca Boscardin

A flock of colorful steel creatures born at the Amsterdam’s NDSM Wharf

Project Specs


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This project has been the winner of the Open Call organized by Stichting NDSM-werf in Amsterdam. This area, in the north part of Amsterdam, above the IJ canal, it’s an ex industrial vast zone where huge hangars and old factories are now converted into hotels, offices, apartments and most of all artists and designers ateliers.

Animal Factory consists of minimally designed metal animals placed in the outdoor spaces of NDSM, and it plays with the contrast between nature and factories.

▼项目概览,general view © Tim Stet


This is the idea behind the project, creating a bridge between fantasy and reality, natural and industrial, a playground for children, a place to hang out for grown ups, a strong link between people and animals. In this specific contrast, the industrial nature of this whole area and the old memory of the NDSM shipyard, will give birth to a flock of steel creatures, colorful and playful.

▼极简的金属动物雕塑,minimally designed metal animals © Tim Stet


The objects – a giraffe, gorilla, crocodile and wolf – are characterized by a minimal shape, made of metal tubing and a minimal use of color: each one is painted in a single shade, encouraging passers-by to open their minds and let their imaginations run wild. While from a certain angle the steel construction does not seem to have a specific shape, from another place the contours of a gorilla are clearly visible. In this way the animals form surprises in the industrial landscape.

▼雕塑符合动物的真实尺寸和比例 © Tim Stet
the animals themselves and people are in their real proportions

“动物工厂”的设计者Luca Boscardin从事玩具和可视化设计,并对极简的形状和线条尤其感兴趣——摒除多余事物、追求“减法”是他一直以来的工作方式。在该项目中,每个雕塑都精确地符合动物的真实尺寸和比例,因此也能够最真实地传达出动物与人之间的对照关系。

This approach is a core intention of my work. I’m always interested and seeking to simplify shapes and lines, with the idea of taking away everything extra, a constant work of subtraction. In this way, I let the imagination of the children and, grown ups too, to go wild.

Animal factory is a collection of animals designed in a simple and linear way, each one maintaining the exact size and proportions of the real ones. The motivation behind it, is to enphasise the contrast between the city and and the animals, and the animals themselves and people, in their real proportions.

▼“动物工厂”系列,Animal Factory series © Tim Stet

▼设计手稿,sketches © Luca Boscardin

Photographer: Tim Stet

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