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位于Snape Malting的奥尔德堡音乐创意学校是萨福克沼泽(Suffolk marshes)沿岸的19世纪麦芽酒厂建筑群更新计划的第二阶段。在这个更新计划中,原有的谷仓和窑洞会围绕着一个公共大厅,其功能转变成了用于排练和临时表演的公共空间。项目的中心部分是一家新设立的名叫Britten工作室,这间工作室被用于管弦乐的排练。同时,这个项目也是对奥雅纳工程顾问公司在1970年建成的音乐厅的补充。排练厅采用了伸缩座椅,使得空间在有些时候也可以被用作会议厅。项目的另一部分是一间名叫Erwood Kiln的工作室,建筑师使之从一个废弃的窑洞变成了表演厅。中央大厅和设备室夹在既存的谷仓和旧结构之间,建筑师改造了其木梁屋面,并重新安装了混凝土夹层。

Aldeburgh Music’s new creative campus at Snape Maltings is part of a phased development of grade 2 listed 19th century maltings buildings at the edge of the Suffolk marshes, brings a range of derelict granaries and kilns into use as rehearsal and occasional public performance spaces grouped around a communal foyer. The centrepiece of the project is a new build orchestral rehearsal room, the Britten Studio, designed to complement the nearby concert hall (by Arup Associates, completed in 1970). The rehearsal room incorporates retractable seating for 350, enabling it to be used as a public venue. A second space, the Jerwood Kiln Studio, was converted from a derelict kiln and can also accommodate public performances when required. The central foyer and technical get in was formed from an existing granary sandwiched between older structures, its eccentric timber roof adapted and a new concrete mezzanine installed.

▼外部空间,exterior space

014-Aldeburgh Music Creative Campus by Haworth Tompkins Limited

004-Aldeburgh Music Creative Campus by Haworth Tompkins Limited


012-Aldeburgh Music Creative Campus by Haworth Tompkins Limited

来到Snape Maltings的音乐家们都会被其独特景象所吸引:严肃冷峻的工业建筑和广阔的几近抽象的沼泽景观结合在一起。这座新生的建筑一直在试图还原一种当地性,忠实地保留废弃谷仓的肌理,呼应滨海盐沼景观。例如,Britten工作室裸露的混凝土墙是对奥尔德堡卵石滩涂的回忆;中央大厅苍白的栗木天花既回应了发现于场地周围的旧板材抹灰墙,也隐喻了围绕建筑波浪起伏的芦苇荡。

Musicians are drawn to Snape Maltings’ unique sense of place, a combination of the austere industrial architecture and the wide, almost abstract landscape of the marshes. The newly renovated buildings seek to capture that sense of place, drawing on the surviving texture of the derelict buildings and making reference to the salty, astringent quality of the coastal landscape. The exposed, graded aggregate concrete walls of the Britten Studio, for example, are designed to recall the shingle beach at Aldeburgh, whilst the pale chestnut strip ceilings in the foyer refer both to the old lath and plaster walls found on site and to the undulating reed beds that surround the building. Both of these devices are primarily designed to establish optimal acoustic conditions.

▼工业建筑和沼泽景观,industrial building and marsh landscape

013-Aldeburgh Music Creative Campus by Haworth Tompkins Limited

▼呼应场地的材料设计,native material design

001-Aldeburgh Music Creative Campus by Haworth Tompkins Limited

002-Aldeburgh Music Creative Campus by Haworth Tompkins Limited

007-Aldeburgh Music Creative Campus by Haworth Tompkins Limited


Materials used throughout the scheme were salvaged and recycled wherever possible, both to maintain the sense of history within the building and to reduce the embodied energy of the project. Agricultural roofing sheet and manmade slates (laid upside down to avoid an over polished finish) are used for economy but also to maintain a simple, unadorned aesthetic. Daylight is maximised throughout the scheme to maintain contact with the outside world during rehearsal and to reduce energy costs. Dual lighting systems (for rehearsal and performance) are incorporated to minimise energy usage.

▼回收再利用的材料,recycling materials

005-Aldeburgh Music Creative Campus by Haworth Tompkins Limited

006-Aldeburgh Music Creative Campus by Haworth Tompkins Limited


The technical challenges of the project were considerable: an acoustic specification to recording standards required sophisticated double skin isolation and very heavy roof construction, extremely quiet ventilation systems and specialised glazing; the rehearsal and performance use of the two principal spaces required a variable acoustic, achieved with large retractable drapes and banners along with angled walls and perforated timber bass absorbency panels; a sophisticated technical infrastructure allows music, opera, video and crossover work to be developed and performed; the risk of flooding due to high tides required the use of waterproof concrete substructure and robust finishes at ground floor level.

▼屋顶构造,roof construction

003-Aldeburgh Music Creative Campus by Haworth Tompkins Limited

009-Aldeburgh Music Creative Campus by Haworth Tompkins Limited

010-Aldeburgh Music Creative Campus by Haworth Tompkins Limited

▼总平面,master plan


▼一层平面 ,first floor plan


▼二层平面, second floor plan



(PR)100 (PR)100

Name: Aldeburgh Music Creative Campus
Address: Snape Maltings, Snape, Suffolk, IP17 1SP
Client: Aldeburgh Music Completion
Date: May 2009 Construction Cost: £5.5M
Gross Internal Area (sqm): 2130 sqm
Design Team Architect: Haworth Tompkins Limited
Project Manager: Applied Solutions (Projects)
Limited Main Contractor: Haymills
Structural Engineer: Price and Myers LLP
Environmental Engineer: Ernest Griffiths
Quantity Surveyor: Davis Langdon Theatre Consultants: Charcoalblue Ltd
Acoustic Engineer: Arup Acoustics
CDM Coordinator: PFB Construction Management Services Limited
Access Consultants: Babel Limited

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