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Aeropolis是一个充气巡演结构,在2013哥本哈根 大都市节中13个不同的地方进行巡展。可巡展的充气结构有很多有趣的,比如前段时间在香港出现,然后秋季出现在北京颐和园的大黄鸭Rubber Duck,还有全世界到处给人惊叹一红的大红球RedBall 。这些充气结构就像儿时记忆中的马戏团充气帐篷那样,总能带来惊喜与期盼。


The concept of AEROPOLIS has been conceived following the invitation of Københavns Internationale Teater to join the Metropolis Festival 2013.

The architecture of the 100 sqm single-layer pneumatic structure has been designed with 2 optional ,tops“ to allow maximal mobility and flexibility during its tour through 13 different locations in Copenhagen. Furthermore the installation always changes its shape into endless constellations by squeezing through the existing urban or natural environment – thus enhancing the perception of those peculiar public spaces by focussing them.


AEROPOLIS offers a communication platform to experience a sequence of 13 urban activities with changing scenographies all curated together with local cultural institutions: astronomy between two climbing walls in Nørrebro, kindergarten and hip hop in front of  a supermarket in Valby, meditation and yoga by a lake in Vanløse, performances at Islands Brygge, martial arts at Superkilen, lectures in Amager, silent disco at one of the noisiest intersections in the city in Nordvest etc.

The AEROPOLIS community centre breathes new life into the city and makes the invisible visible.

AEROPOLIS is a Plastique Fantastique project in cooperation with Københavns Internationale Teater on the occasion of the Metropolis Festival 2013.

Photo credits: Marco Canevacci, Camilla Mantovani
Video credits: Camilla Mantovani
Music credits: Marco Barotti

PLASTIQUE FANTASTIQUE TEAM: Marco Canevacci, Marco Barotti, Mirjam Dorsch, Sonia Garcia, Stephanie Grönnert, Antonia Joseph, Julia Lipinsky, Itxaso Markiegi \ Manuela Milicia, Carsten Reith, Lorenzo Soldi, Markus Wüste, Yena Young










1 structure – 2 different tops – 12 different installations – endless shapes
(the structure changes its shape by squeezing through the urban or natural environment)

Structure: length 20 m, width 10 m, height 6 m, walkable surface: approx. 100 m2
Material: transparent and mirrored PVC (flame retardant german standard DIN 4102
Operating: 1 industrial axial fan, Plastique Fantastique technical team on site.
Stabilisation: 90 sandbags (15 Kg each), external weights (500 Kg each), ropes
Acccess / emergency exit: zipper (2x).


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