Advaita a new series by Petros Koublis

Everything is a flow, a constant one, coherent, continuous, perfect.

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The Transparency of Being


Everything is a flow, a constant one, coherent, continuous, perfect. A stream that never remains the same, yet so complete that it never changes. It is a space that expands under our perception, throughout the world, imperceptible and vast, continuous and indefinite. Consciousness is pouring out of this space and when it experiences it again, this time through the body, it feels like water poured into water. It is because they share the same nature, they’re inseparable and indivisible. It is like the waves that emerge as a single entity, but only for a moment, before they merge back into the ocean they appeared from. We are also very much like these waves. We surface for a moment and the reunite with the Whole. The Self is present before all forms take shape, solid and coherent, in a motherly connection with the whole existence, unmanifested within the absolute.

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It moves, it does not move. It is far and near likewise It is inside all this. It is outside all this
That is full, this is full. Fullness comes forth from fullness When fullness is taken from fullness, fullness remains
——Isha Upanishad


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当它被认为是自我时,一切都是真实的,又或者这仅仅是幻象。自我是合一的基本感受,敞开心扉,如同爱情降临。为了实现自我,一个人必须进入爱人的角色, 一心只有那个被爱的人。爱情带来的感受是相同的,彼此之间无法分离,仅有二元性的超越,爱情似乎是无限的,是一切的核心。爱情是持续的,是内涵的。当面对外界时,是绝对自然的美;当面对内部时,是自然的愉悦。爱情中确实有一种无法解释的智慧存在。

Everything is real only if it is perceived as the Self. Otherwise it is an illusion. The experience of the Self, this fundamental feeling of oneness, is the experience of Love, the openness of the heart. To come to this realization one gets into the state of a lover, one who has a mind only for the beloved. It is because in Love there is no sense of difference, there can be no separation to be experienced anymore, but instead there is only a transcendence of duality, a sense of infinity, the core of everything. Love is a realization, content and continuous, which is revealed as the absolute nature of Beauty when it is facing outwards and the real nature of Joy when it is facing inwards. There is indeed a wisdom in Love that the mind cannot claim.

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Infinity is movement and stillness occurring together, simultaneously, in an undivided, perfectly inseparable way. It doesn’t change its form because form is something that takes place within its essence. It doesn’t get revealed because, instead, it is the actual force that reveals everything else. The world arises depended on our consciousness and our senses arise depended on the world. They both arise and colapse depended upon each other. There is no distance in between, no duality, not two things separate. Everything is happening inside us, space, time, form, every aspect is unfolded inside our consciousness. They all manifest inside the infinite ocean of the Self, everything suddenly arise in the wind of consioussness stimulated by the waves of the Universe. We generate the flow, we merge with the flow and we are the flow.

We are the recipients but we are also the Universe.

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