Small space creates a warm Thai style

Project Specs


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▼清新而休闲的餐厅概览,overview of the restaurant with a fresh, yet casual atmosphere

The objective for the first Thai restaurant in Sayulita was to create a fresh, yet casual atmosphere. Given the narrow proportions of the locale, it was decided to create an open kitchen in the center, which becomes the focal point of the restaurant.

▼一个开放式厨房作为餐厅的焦点, an open kitchen in the center which becomes the focal point of the restaurant

▼木质结构构造厨房空间,wooden structure constructs kitchen space

▼厨房旁的过道连接后侧私密用餐区域,the aisle next to the kitchen connects the intimate dining area on the back side


This generates a front area with relationship towards the street, and a more intimate rear area, including a built in bench and planter with a table for larger parties.The contrasting materials and soft, warm lighting creates the atmosphere of the restaurant. Herringbone brick floors, polished cement walls complement the dark parota wood and copper table-tops.

▼吧台面向后侧区域,bar counter facing rear area

▼吧台细节,the detail of the bar

▼相对私密的区域安置了长凳和桌子,适宜举办聚会,a more intimate rear area including a bench and planter with a table for larger parties

More:PALMA。更多关于他们请至:PALMA on gooood.

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