Abstrakt Mona tables by Diabla + Jonatahan Lawes

Geometric and colourful designs that Jonathan Lawes applies to the Mona tables

Project Specs

非常感谢 Diabla + Jonatahan Lawes 予gooood分享以下内容。
Appreciations towards Diabla + Jonatahan Lawes for providing the following description:

原创设计与风格家具的融合无疑是Diabla品牌的特色所在。此次,Diabla的设计团队与英国设计师Jonathan Lawes合作推出了新的Mona桌子系列。在现有的Mona单腿桌的基础上,设计师为其赋予了两款全新的桌面图案。

Coming up with original designs for stylish settings is undoubtedly the thing that sets Diabla apart. This attitude which is always open to working with creatives from diverse disciplinary backgrounds has served as the catalyst for this series created in collaboration with the British designer Jonathan Lawes who working within his own creative universe has designed a special graphic for Diabla’s Mona tables. Two different graphic styles based on his characteristic geometric and colourful designs that Jonathan Lawes applies to the table tops for the single leg Mona tables.


One of the graphics has a predominantly reddish tone including a playful combination of white and grey shapes; the other is defined by its pinkish colour, this time combined with blue, grey and white graphic elements. Both have been adapted to the square and circular tabletop format.

Abstrakt Mona桌子系列包含圆形(直径70cm/80cm)和方形(70 x 70 cm)两个版本,高度统一为72cm,可作为非正式的小餐桌、饮酒桌或者办公桌使用。由于桌面选用了酚醛树脂材料,因此也可以在户外使用。

The series includes two versions with a circular tabletop, 70 and 80 cm diameter, as well as a square format measuring 70 x 70 cm. The height for all the options is 72 cm, so that the tables can be used to furnish a small canteen, an informal corner for having a drink or as an office but are also suitable as side tables for working or studying. Because the tops are made from a phenolic material they are equally suitable for outdoor or indoor use.







Project Details 
Year: 2019
Designer: Diabla team & Jonathan Lawes
Materials: Made of thermo-lacquered galvanized steel and phenolic plate 
Sizes: Table Ø70 x 72 cm / Ø27,5’’ x 28’’ Ø80 x 72 cm / Ø32’’ x 28’’70 x 70 x 72 cm / 27,5’’ x 27,5’’ x 28” 
Colours: White, pink, red, gray, anthracite

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