A new wooden chair and table collection “blade”, Japen by nendo

Round with square edges

Project Specs


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Wooden furniture made of round section pieces adds softness to the space, but the complicated connecting joints make visual noise, often not matching sharp looking environments constructed by flat surfaces and straight lines. On the other hand, wooden furniture made of square section pieces bears the risk of exuding its hardness and sharpness in addition to looking too heavy, although the connecting joints can be straightened neatly to attain higher compatibility with sharp environments. The aim was to design a stacking chair that takes advantage of both characteristics.

▼家具概览,overview ©Akihiro Yoshida


First, the frame was constructed with round section members. Then, the back and seat made of molded plywood were attached, and the edges of the legs and backrest were planed off linearly, resulting in a chair with partially squared off surfaces and ridgelines. The coexistence resulted in creating a balance between softness and tension, while the joints of each element remain simple.

▼座椅框架采用圆形截面的构件,靠背和椅面是胶合板,frame was constructed with round section members, and the back and seat made of plywood ©Akihiro Yoshida

▼座椅侧面,造型在柔软和硬挺间达到了平衡,one side of the chair, creating a balance between softness and tension ©Akihiro Yoshida

▼边缘被刨平,使得部分平面成带有脊线的方形,edges were planed off,resulting in a chair with partially squared off surfaces and ridgelines ©Akihiro Yoshida

▼靠背细节,简洁的连接处,detail of the backrest,joints of each element remain simple ©Akihiro Yoshida


A table and a high stool are also available, and the collection was named “blade” from the state of only one side being sharply shaved off, as well as the silhouette of the backrest somewhat similar to a T-shaped razor.

▼”刀锋”系列桌子及高脚凳,table and high stool ©Akihiro Yoshida

▼同风格的高脚凳,high stool in the same style ©Akihiro Yoshida

▼桌子的边缘也处理成平面,edges of the table is also shaved off ©Akihiro Yoshida

▼产品概念草图,concept drawing ©nendo

about the availability, please ask info@nendo.jp
manufactured by Sekikagu
photographer: Akihiro Yoshida

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