A New Viaduct for the MIL Campus of the Université de Montréal / civiliti

A subtle and poetic use of light would resonate within the transformed environment.

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这座桥梁位于蒙特利尔大学新校区的一侧,桥体上不断变换的灯光设计成为了这个区域中不可多得的动态景观。在接下来的一段时间,蒙特利尔大学会成为该区域主要的教育机构,大学校园扩张后会占用一个前铁路整备场。现有的轨道会被移走以适应场地新的功能,同时为了保证校园周边的交通,一座高架桥会联通新的校址和主要交通枢纽。高架桥下方的空间会被降低,保证机动车的快速交通;桥梁两端会建有稍稍抬高的护坡,以容纳 24 米长的钢结构桥梁。混凝土基座向外延伸,形成曲折的挡土墙,产生动态的模拟矿山景观。

The bridge is located on the outskirt of the University of Montréal. The dynamic lighting design gives the area a vibrant living atmosphere. In forthcoming years, the University of Montréal, one of the city’s major institutions, will be opening a second campus located on a former railway yard. Existing tracks had to be relocated in order to accommodate the new facilities and a new viaduct was built over the campus’ future access road. The site was dug to allow the underpass, then bermed up slightly to accommodate the 24-metre steel bridge structure. The reinforced concrete abutments extend into zigzagging retaining walls, creating a dynamic mineral landscape.

▼桥梁外观,the appearance

▼夜间的灯光,lighting design in the night

高架桥两侧 44 米长的护栏分为四部分:漆有金属涂料的钢框架由穿孔钢板衬背、对角形的钢板使用了传统桁架桥梁的三角形意向、同样的图案被设计师使用在了人行道的护栏上。

The 44-metre guardrails on either side of the viaduct were made in four sections: they are steel-framed assemblages backed by perforated steel plaques, coated with metalized paint. The diagonal steel plates recall the triangulated motif of more traditional truss bridges. A similar motif was developed for the protective railings along the sidewalks below.

▼穿孔钢板装饰的护栏,perforated steel plaques installed on the protective railings

▼传统桁架结构的对角形意向,the diagonal steel plates recall the triangulated motif of traditional truss bridges


The viaduct’s unique signature transforms it into a subtle landmark on the campus

面向校园,高架桥作为整个夜晚生活的背景,设计师希望它能变的更加生动。受到索尔·勒维特 (Sol LeWitt) 画作的影响,在桥梁西侧的护栏上安装了 135 个 LED 灯条,桥体上的灯光会在夜间周期性的变化。虚拟动画的主题是四季:雨、雪代表了秋冬季节;山峰象征着春天,萤火虫对应夏天。

Facing the campus, the viaduct acts as a backdrop that comes to life at night when four light ‘tableaux’, inspired by Sol LeWitt’s Wall Drawings, appear and disappear in the dark. These, generated by 135 LED light bars inserted on the diagonal grid of the west guardrail, are programmed to produce ephemeral patterns in constant movement. The chosen theme for this virtual animation is that of the four seasons: drops of rain, followed by snowflakes, allude to the fall and winter seasons; creepers announce the spring and fireflies celebrate the summer.

▼桥体上不断变换的灯光图案,the lighting animation

▼以四季为主题的灯光设计,the four seasons theme for the viaduct lighting design


The east guardrail is treated in a more static but no less dramatic way. At night, the upper structure appears to float above its sculptural base, every detail emphasized by lighting. The geometric pattern used for the architectural guardrails is reproduced on the railings protecting the parallel sidewalks, below the viaduct.

▼东侧的照明设计,the lighting design on the eastside guardrails


Responsible for the architectural and lighting treatment of this bridge, the designers believed that a subtle and poetic use of light would resonate within the heavily transformed environment. They hoped to draw attention to the railway yard’s history, soon to be totally eradicated with the advent of new university pavilions and urban streetscape.

▼场地功能的变化,the former railway yard’s will be transformed into a new campus environment

▼设计与周边的关系,the relation with surroundings



Architects and Lighting Designers: civiliti
Engineers: Groupe S.M. International

Architectural team:
Peter Soland, Lead Architect
Fannie Duguay-Lefebvre, Lead Urban Designer
Pascal Forget, Project Architect
Etienne Ostiguy, Project Architect

Engineering team:
Marc Mousset, Lead Engineer
Tuong Phong Huynh, Lead Electrical Engineer
Petrica Voinea, Lead Structural Engineer

Service de la mise en valeur du territoire, Ville de Montréal
Service des infrastructures, de la voirie et des transports, Ville de Montréal

Photo credit: civiliti

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