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土耳其伊斯坦布尔的特朗普大厦是城市的标志性建筑物,其天衣无缝的与城市景观和周围环境融合,便捷的与地铁站连通。DS Landscape主要在这个双塔项目中主要设计了主入口景观与裙房景观。这系列设计包含公众和私人两类型领域,同时以线性设计贯穿整个设计。植物和硬质材料在线性的形式下发生碰撞,增强了花园的立体感受,又为人们提供自然的路径。不同模式的组合,使得场地无论在水平抑或垂直方向都具有流动性。人们在景观中,或在高楼上俯瞰花园,都能领略花园那简约而不失内涵的魅力。

Trump Towers, one of the most significant investments located at the heart of business and urban life of Istanbul, is a unique project that has a smooth connection with the surroundings and is a natural part of the urban landscape through its car park and its connection to the subway. Trump Towers are located in Şişli, a central location, in short distance to the bridge, and important districts such as Etiler, Levent and Beşiktaş. It rests on a total area of approximately 23.370 m², 13.300 m² of it designed as open space. The design which shapes both the urban and the private use-oriented outdoors and contains the conceptual design of the terrace and the courtyard of the towers, was based on a linear sequential setup that defined the utilization of all the gardens.

▼入口广场和4.9米高处花园,Location of the entrance square and the elevation +4.90 terrace




The differences between the vegetational and rigid material, which were designed in a linear pattern, both facilitated a 3-D perception of the garden and provided a natural path within the garden. A horizontal mobility was obtained through the coupling of different patterns, and on the vertical, through the trees located by means of the elevated topography, through the linear walls and the covering materials. The seating elements, shaders, and the water elements brought diversity in the linear setup. The freshing and elevated feeling created by the two towers was repeated by means of the strong horizontality on the garden planes. The concept of the entire project aimed to simplify the perception of the spaces through a common design perspective. While designing the entrance square that forms an interface with the urban life, it was planned to create an urban area that attracts people to the building, and also that is used as a transition and a service area. The square became a meeting point with its catering platforms, its pool that matches the refraction of the ground, its green wall, which is also a symbol of eco-technology, that filters out the noise and dirt of outside.  An impressive garden was aimed for in the terraces at the high levels that is far away from the city’s chaos. It was intended that the linear lines, on which the design is based, is to be felt most intensively in this garden, where several utilization possibilities were offered to the user as a multi-purpose open space. While one of the terraces was designed as a transition, walking and recreation area with the highest botanic intensity, the other terrace was designed as a garden carrying out the function of an open space and sunbathing area. The linear water elements in the sunbathing area was included in the design in order to cool the area in the hot weather and to create several reflecting surfaces.

The gardens of the inner spaces of Tower 1 and Tower 2, containing offices and residential areas respectively, are created without irrigation necessities. It was aimed to form a sustainable inner garden and including a small joke in the design. As planting material, imitations with striking colors were preferred and an abstract garden image was created. While designing the lighting, it was planned to keep the linear impact both on the rigid floor and in the water by means of the light. Tall lighting elements were not preferred, instead the light that is reflected from the trees and the reflecting surfaces was used. It was aimed that all the interwining functional spaces, which were designed according to a certain transition frequency; floor patterns, water elements, green components, and the lighting equipments generates different perspectives, all the while sustaining the character of a garden offering variety.

▼道路细部,Detail of the walkway


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