Terkos Old Water Pomping Station Museum by DS

Establish contacts between visitors and habitats.

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Terkos Pumping Station, which was the source to accommodate Istanbul’s drinking water demands for over a hundred years, has lost its function and was repurposed as a water technologies museum. Terkos Lake and its surroundings, with its distinctive flora and fauna, still hold the position of being one of the most important ecological areas in Istanbul.
The station is located in Çatalca and the total area of the project is 83.000 m². The total are of open space is 64.000 m².

▼从景观道向外看View from the walkway



▼景观道立面,The elevated walkway


Alongside its new function as a museum; transforming the area surrounding the lake into a recreative area while at the same time, restoring the corrupted ecosystem in the wetland became the primary aspect for the design. Also, since the ground water level rises during winter, all the walkways were designed to be elevated from the ground, therefore providing the possibility to visit the area even during those months. Thus, construction of the walkways was carried out in a manner that would make it clear that these walkways are elements that are inserted into the existing landscape.

The varying connection every visitor from every age group makes with the element of water was established through the creation of stopping-resting-viewing points that embraces different flora and topography interactions all through the area, as well as the development and perception of the entire area in the concept of an ecological park. The walkways contribute to the visitor’s experience of perceiving the area as a whole. They transform into elements of design that fortify the connection with water by forming piers and terraces on spots where
they come near the water during their entering and exiting of different natural fragments. The observation towers that are attached to these spots not only create a place for surveillance of water birds and bird immigrations while offering special perspectives and exposures, they also provide visitors with areas to stop and spend time in.

By following the same trail, the preservation of the restored ecosystem was obtained. With small, legible interferences; it was made possible to be in the nature and a link between the museum and the natural surrounding was formed.

▼湖景,View of the Terkos Lake Terkos


▼从景观道看瞭望塔,View of the observation tower from the walkway


▼临湖平台与自然生境,(left)The walkway forming a platform near the lake (right)View of the natural flora


▼景观路与建筑以及入口关系,View of the walkway by the Entrance and Archive Building


▼瞭望塔与瞭望塔细部,(left) View of the observation tower (right) Detail from the observation tower


▼季相景观,Seasonal views of the walkway


▼途经大楼和食堂,Walkway passing through the Entrance and Archive Building and the Cafeteria


▼从瞭望塔看护,View of the observation tower overlooking the lake


▼俯瞰景观道,View of the elevated walkway



Landscape Architecture: DS Landscape
Project Name: Terkos Old Water Pomping Station Museum
Project Location: Çatalca, Istanbul / Turkey
Client/Owner: İSKİ (İstanbul Water & Sewage Management)
Design Year: 2006
Construction Year: 2010
Site Area: 83.000 m² Landscape Area: 64.000m²
Latitude: 40°43’5.13″K Longitude: 30° 9’24.19″E
Landscape Architect of Record/Firm: Deniz Aslan / DS Landscape
Lead Designer: Elif Çelik,
Architectural Project: Arzu Erdem, Hüseyin Kahvecioğlu, Nurbin Paker Kahvecioğlu, Cem Altun
Additional Project Credits: : İpek Yürekli, Arda İnceoğlu, Gülsün Tanyeli, Zeynep Hagur Sorguç, İrem Gümüşoğlu
Image Credits: Gürkan Akay, Hüseyin Kahvecioğlu, Nurbin Paker Kahvecioğlu, Gülsün Tanyeli
Text Credits: DS Landscape

MORE: DS Landscape

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