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非常感谢mA-style architects将项目介绍和项目图片授权gooood发行。
Appreciation towards mA-style architects for providing the following description:
A big pipe sticks out from the valley. It totally focuses like a telescope while looking
around the opening scenery. Makinohara plateau that lined with a tea plantation and
houses along a gentle slope spreads out here. Here is nice and full of nature.
I felt that it is necessary for client who has lived long there to find the way of building
which could realize charm of this land again.
While investigating surroundings and sites thoroughly, I began to think what kind of
house suitable is.
At first, this site consists of tiered stone wall. Also, it was a land slide prevention area
and under the cliff regulation. That’  s why I was limited and was not able to use the
whole site for the construction.
Therefore, I constituted pipe-formed second floor part.
The plane constitution of this pipe is a trapezoid. Because the view of the room to the
north is beautiful, the foot spreads out towards the north.
I made a big opening for the north side.
This opening projects only scenery. In addition, it catches the change of the season and
daily weather directly. Talks with a person and the scenery are born there.
Not only the opening project scenery, but also it brings rich light and wind. Simple
space constitution makes the room comfortable.
Furthermore, I made internal space and an outside border with the space vague to plan
harmony with the scenery. I groped for the constitution of the details part not to insist on
to realize it. I enabled it by making facilities and storing and opening simple.
There is nice and full of nature in local area.
What are the natural environments that are rich for us?
It will be the environment where nature is opposite the building which we live in equally
and obediently.
There is the richness that we can realize by tying human and the nature through


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  1. 好像有的地方

  2. 这个不太喜欢。感觉很多都没到位啊[纠结]

  3. 很酷,但不太像住宅

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