House in Kamihachiman / Naoko Horibe

Small house on the edge of bamboo forest

Project Specs


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来自日本女性建筑师Naoko Horibe的作品。

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The challenge in this design was to enable a comfortable, open lifestyle despite the fact that the building site is surrounded by other homes lined up uniformly on a street running along their south side. The architects chose not to place windows on the southern side of the home, where they would look out only on neighboring houses, and instead included large windows on the northern side that take advantage of the view of a bamboo forest behind the property. In doing so they achieved even natural lighting and a feeling of spaciousness in the interior. A private walled-in terrace connecting to the living room adds to this sense of light and space. The overall result is a home that is much more comfortable and relaxing than one would guess by looking at the surrounding neighborhood.







Design to completion) June 2012-May 2013
Location)  Tokushima-Shi, Tokushima
Primary usage) Residence
Structure) wooden construction, two stories above ground
Family structure) Couple with a child
Site area) 175.29 m2
Building area) 74.54 m2
Total floor space) 98.92 m2

Architect: Naoko Horibe
Photographer: Kaori Ichikawa



First floor
5.Walk-in closet
6.Dining & Kitchen
7.Living room

Second floor


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