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The project rises as the reconvertion of an agricultural stockroom into a single-familyhouse. The pre-existing building didn’t have elements of architectural quality.The constraints determined by the planning rules allowed the partial reconstruction ofthe existing shape and required the respect of the pre-existing eaves heights.The building stands on a plot which is situated on the Legnone Mountain slope towardsthe Como Lake.

The project, respecting the construction rules, starts from the idea to create excavatedspaces on the outline of the plot around, giving the habitability to the lower ground floor,otherwise not suitable to be lived-in.This sequence of patios and courtyards allows the natural light to filter into the groundfloor where the bedroom area is situated and it creates spaces protected from theprevailing winds. In this way, the point of views are all directed to the sky and thesurrounding mountains and not over the near buildings without quality.

On the south, a very prominent overhang of a large terrace allows you to have a greatpanoramic view on the Como Lake.

The external finish of the plastered walls has been made with a rough process, usingthe mason’s trowel as in the ancient time in the rural buildings of this area.The walls of the excavated spaces in the natural slope (patios and courtyards) havebeen made in concrete-faced finish, obtained by the use of Osb wood pressed panels.

Location: Colico LC – Como Lake- Italy
Typology: reconversion of an agricultural stockroom into a single-family house
Design: act_romegialli–Gianmatteo Romegialli, Angela Maria Romegialli, Erika Gaggia
Landscape: Gheo Clavarino
Client: Private
Charge: 2011
Completion of work: 2012
Photo:© Marcello Mariana

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