Between Two Rivers / Siba Sahabi

Regenerate the ancient Greek ancient vessels with new methods.

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美丽的毛毡器皿。设计师Siba Sahabi新系列Between Two Rivers灵感源于西方文明发源地古希腊美索不达米亚。在工业化瓷器产品泛滥无灵魂的今天,用新方法重生古希腊古器皿神韵。制作的依托依然是古老的陶瓷转盘。精心打造的细腻毛毡一圈一圈转拼交合,形成水瓶和杯子的造型,有的甚至高达50厘米。3mm厚的毛毡两侧喷有涂料,因此最后呈现出三种色彩:外侧色彩,内侧色彩,还有其本来的色彩。

‘Between Two Rivers’ is the ancient Greek translation of the term Mesopotamia, thecradle of Western civilization, birth place of the pottery turntable and primary inspiration of designer Siba Sahabi for her new collection. Through ten new sculptural felt vessels Siba makes the connection between this ancient land – located between the rivers – with its pottery innovations and Western ceramics culture which developed through these new technologies.


The turntable, that aided potters to design circular objects more accurately and faster, was invented in 3500 BC in Ur, an ancient Mesopotamian city-state located in modern Iraq. Around 2200 BC this invention was introduced in Greece and thus sparked a new style of Greek ceramics called Minyan pottery which Siba has reinterpreted in her felt sculptures.

A circular, ribbed finish is one of the distinguishing characteristics of Minyan ware which reflects its production process on a potter’s turntable. Although the turntable no longer plays a significant role in the production of modern large-scale pottery today, the appearance of hand-turned ceramics is often imitated by producing circular shapes with fine ridges.

The objects from the collection, that comprise a series of carafes and cups, are made from coiled coloured felt strips (3mm thick) coated with a layer of paint on both sides. In this way, each object shows three colours: the original colour of the felt (surface of the ridges), the inside, and outside of the objects. The dense felt material beautifully trans-lates the heavy appearance of the Minyan ware and exaggerates the appearance of the oversized objects, some of which are up to 50cm high.









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