72DP by Craig & Karl

Colorful mural in underground car park

Project Specs

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位于悉尼的一个地下停车场经过Craig 和 Karl的五颜六色大型壁画创作后,其呼之欲出的鲜活色彩让人不敢相信这是在地下停车场。黑暗的混凝土重新获得生命,创作时恰当的留白至关重要,从无到有的一个启示。壁画是一些形态动感的几个形状,棱角分明。整件作品扩充整个地下停车场。Craig 和 Karl的这件作品好评如潮,也为他们带来了其它很多的业务,比如墨尔本中央商务区的永久艺术霓虹灯。

关于Craig 和 Karl他们玩世不恭,他们合作紧密,幽默,充满激情的创造。他们专注于装置,版面,文字,编辑以及图案设计。他们在世界各地举行过展览,比如巴黎卢浮宫。匡威,耐克,苹果,MTV,纽约时报等都是他们的客户。


72DP is the latest in a string of large-scale mural and installation works created by design and illustrationduo, Craig & Karl. The immersive mural, executed with their trademark eye-popping use of colour, occupies the underground car park of an award-winning residence in Sydney’s Darling Point by architectsMarsh Cashman Koolloos (MCK).

The objective of the project was to breathe new life into the space which, having been rendered in concretewith little inlet of natural light, felt quite dark and heavy. Working closely with the owners, who possess akeen design sensibility, it was decided that the mural would cover all surfaces in a blanket of bright colour.There was also a request that the larger wall surfaces be left blank with an eye towards potentiallyintroducing additional, individually commissioned works at a future date. Nevertheless it was vital that theinstallation feel and function as a complete work in its own right. The resulting design is a dynamic mix of overlapping geometric forms that mirror and respond to the angularity of the architecture. The whole pieceis tied together by a winding, ribbon-style device which, acting as a central axis, leads in from thedriveway, through the space and out to the garden beyond.

The completion of this project comes hot on the heels of several installation works that reflect Craig &Karl’s growing ambition in this area. Other notable works include a neon installation for the Austral asianstores of luxury accessories house Oroton, utilising iconography derived from the brands’ products,interspersed with patterns and whimsical symbols. Neon Lane, a permanent art installation of 60 neonlights and light boxes in Melbourne’s CBD that delivers a contemporary, pop-infused take on Asianculture. And a forthcoming set of three internal mosaic murals, each up to 11 meters long, for the redesignand redevelopment of Sydney’s famous Ginseng Baths.


About Craig & Karl

Craig Redman and Karl Maier live on opposite sides of the world but collaborate daily to create bold workthat is thoughtful and often humorous. They specialised in illustration, installation, typography, as well as character, editorial and pattern design. Craig & Karl have exhibited across the world, most notably at theMusée de la Publicité, Louvre. They have worked on projects for clients like LVMH, Nike, Apple, Vogue, Microsoft, Converse, MTV and The New York Times.


Photography: Katherine Lu

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