4 in 1 House by Clavel Arquitectos

1 house, 4 ways of living

Project Specs


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The 4-in-1 house is located in a quiet residential area, at the top of a leafy hill in the outskirts of the city. From an architectural point of view, it is possible to distinguish the four ways of living , after which the house is named, since they are spatially and constructively qualified:

▼建筑外观,exterior view


1. 休闲体验
The leisure experience


The basement, lighted by patios and skylights, is the scene for game and amusement. Fun starts in the car park, where see the swimming pool can be seen from a “ rear window”. The pavement, made out of stained stamped concrete , solves the contact between the house and the ground. This level, in the form of a zigzagging fissure across the plot, houses the vehicle access and the car park.

▼地下室被天井和天窗照亮,the basement lighted by patios and skylights

▼车库,parking area


2. 居住体验
The living experience


The ground floor consists of a C-shaped piece of concrete that looks west and opens to the private open area. A powerful cantilevering canopy provides the intermediate space between inside and outside. Here we find the space for relating, exhibiting and listening to music.

▼位于首层的起居空间,living space on the ground floor

▼起居空间与游泳池露台相连,outdoor pool seen from the living space

▼露台泳池,outdoor pool


The autonomous living experience


A body-tinted stacked glass volume , embedded in the C-shaped concrete , is the third environment of the project. It has a private access and may work autonomously . The minimum unit inside the global project.

▼自动化生活空间(远端),a space that may work autonomously


4. 客人体验
The guest experience


It takes places in another C – shaped piece, this time east-oriented to catch the earliest rays of sun and the view to the woods. Looking as a private hotel, it consists of a series of rooms that can be occupied in a free way, according to the number of guests, and a common space connected to the vertical circulation core . The outer volume is cladded with ceramic tiles that distorts its linear scale. Structurally, it is formed by a 42-meter truss beam that solves the big span and characterizes the front façade.

▼该楼层布置着一系列可根据客人数量自由使用的房间,a hotel-like place that consists of a series of rooms that can be occupied in a free way


A thorough interior design , considering every detail (including the 2-ton concrete entry door) , has been carried out inside to create unique feelings in each environment.

▼室内细部,interior detailed view

▼平面图,floor plans


Architects : Manuel Clavel – Rojo & Luis Clavel – S ainz ( Clavel Arquitectos )
Design team: Ricardo Carcelén – González (architect), Aarón Hernández – Hernández (architect), David Hernández – Conesa (building engi neer)
Location: Murcia, Spain
Built area: 1.210 m2 (+ 815 m2 of terraces and exterior landscape)
Completion (date): July 2013
Finishing materials: Concrete , Ceramic tiles and Body – tinted stacked glass
Photographer: David Frutos (BIS images)
Furniture: Interno

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