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37 metres long is the single-family home that lies in the Rheintal of Vorarlberg in between the woods and water meadows. The slender and lengthy shape is a product of the property boundaries and makes for a straightforward exception among the neighbouring structures.










The floor plan is organised as a sequence of spaces that allows for a practical arrangement of all the ancillary rooms and eventually leads to the generous and open living and working spaces. The building accommodates the home of a young family as well as a studio for graphic design. Living and working are united under the same roof but clearly differentiated by the entrance area on the ground floor and a loggia on the first floor. The work of a graphic designer was also inspiration for the façade: an anthracite-coloured polyethylene screen that can be used as an ever-changing advertising space. Openings and windows have been carefully placed along the façade reacting in its size and form to the most appealing views.




















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4 评论

  1. 很有意思,有想法

  2. 想象住在那里应该很舒服,气候,场地,以及这么温馨的家。设计很合理,也很人性化。朴实下的生活,才是心灵的归宿。

  3. 按照平面图下面那张走道照片来看窗外应该是个内院。与平面不符。

  4. 土地私有就是好,房子随便盖,黑板立面~

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