2020 Frame Awards – Art space for Japanese dance by Kazunobu Nakamura design

Light changes in the squares piling up

Project Specs


非常感谢 Kazunobu Nakamura design(联系邮箱:nkazunobu@hotmail.com) 对gooood的分享。更多关于:Kazunobu Nakamura on gooood
Appreciation towards Kazunobu Nakamura design(contact:nkazunobu@hotmail.com) for providing the following description:


For a long time, the Japanese have been piling up colors from olden times to express sacred things. Also, piling up paper with square silhouettes has been used as a thing representing sacred depth. The designer created a space that transforms the atmosphere by changing from various colors with the squares “piling up” as a motif.

▼装置概览,方块的堆叠, overview, squares piling up as a motif © Atsushi Ishida


▼飞舞的面板将焦点引向舞者,panels flying in the air put the focus on the dancer © Atsushi Ishida

▼面板时隐时现,panels will appear and disappear © Atsushi Ishida

This space focuses on Japanese-dance. Panels flying in the air put the focus on the dancer while covering the space above the stage. The panels also depict the appearance of light passing through the space that can not be seen without them.

▼面板反射出的光效,light effect reflected by panals © Atsushi Ishida


The panels were made from a mesh of ultra-thin transparent threads made of a double-layered resin. This allows panels to receive a moderate amount of light, and the panels will appear and disappear. The panels overlap intricately; the plurality of strings that hang each panel is calculated to not cross each other.

▼面板排列错综复杂,the panels overlap intricately © Atsushi Ishida

▼面板细节,透明线形成的网状结构,detail of the panals, mesh of transparent threads © Atsushi Ishida

▼装置结构,悬挂面板的线不会彼此交错。Structure drawing, strings that hang each panel is not cross each other © Kazunobu Nakamura design

▼平面,plan © Kazunobu Nakamura design

▼立面,elevation © Kazunobu Nakamura design

Environment Design: Kazunobu Nakamura
Produce & Dancer: Egiku Hanayagi
Koto player: Etsuko kawaguchi
Lighting-design: Theaterbrain_Masao Igarashi
Production: Tashibu to Fukushima
Photograph: Atsushi Ishida

More: Kazunobu Nakamura design(联系邮箱|contact:nkazunobu@hotmail.com), 更多关于:Kazunobu Nakamura on gooood

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