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Simple products both in aesthetics and construction.

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Shelving System

无论从审美角度或是设计角度来说,Shelving System都是一种极简化的设计产品。精细的线条和智慧的拼装,使这一家具展现出优雅的姿态。楔形零件的插入赋予该置物架一个独特且灵活的装置形态,令使用者可以依自己的喜好组装和使用。

SHELVING SYSTEM is simple both in aesthetics and construction. The fine lines and clever construction gives this piece of furniture its refined look. The system is constructed with the use of wedges holding the shelves in place. Working with wedges makes assembly uncomplicated and lets you place the shelves at any given position.






Tall Wall Mirror

TALL WALL MIRROR是镜面系列的全新产品。该全身镜遵循简化设计,让镜面展现其存在的基本意义。瘦长的镜子形态时刻绽放出简约和经典的气质,带给人轻柔的质感。

TALL WALL MIRROR is the newest addition to our mirror collection. As the rest of the mirrors the full-body wall mirror is kept simple, letting the materials speak for themselves. With it’s elongated form TALL WALL MIRROR has a soft and simple expression, which fits well in both minimalistic and classic settings.


Coat Rack

COAT RACK的金属杆上可穿入4到6个挂钩。这些挂钩可沿金属杆灵活移动,找到悬挂衣物的最佳姿势。此外,该金属杆还可以从墙面随意拆解,方便挂钩的灵活处置。

COAT RACK consists of a metal rod and 4-6 pegs. The pegs simply slide on the rod and can therefore be moved around as needed. As the rod can easily be removed from the wall, pegs are added or removed in an instant.



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