19-19 Rug Collection by Child Studio + Floor_Story

Geometric collage and gradient colors

Project Specs

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Child Studio和东伦敦的地毯公司Floor_Story联合创作了手织羊毛丝绒地毯系列。设计师从包豪斯运动鲜明的色彩和大胆的几何图形中汲取了灵感。该系列在伦敦著名的Isokon公寓内完成拍摄,这里是1930年代现代主义运动的中心。Isokon公寓由建筑师Wells Coates设计,是对城市新生活方式的先进探索,曾经居住了包豪斯学派的创始人和关键人物。瓦尔特·格罗皮乌斯、拉兹洛·莫霍利-纳吉和马歇·布劳耶以及许多其他有影响力的现代主义者称这栋位于伦敦汉普斯特区的建筑为他们在两次世界大战之间的家。Child Studio选择顶层公寓的木板饰面的作为该系列的家庭背景。

Child Studio has collaborated with East London rug company Floor_Story to create a collection of handwoven wool and silk rugs. The designers drew inspiration from the vibrant colours and bold geometric graphics of the Bauhaus Movement. The collection was photographed at the iconic Isokon Building in London, which became the hub of the modernist movement in the 1930’s. Designed by the architect Wells Coates as a progressive experiment in new ways of urban living, The Isokon counted the founders and key figures of the Bauhaus School as its residents. Walter Gropius, László Moholy-Nagy and Marcel Breuer and many other influential modernists called this building in London’s Hampstead district their home during the interwar period. Child Studio chose the original wood-panelled interiors of the building’s penthouse as a domestic setting for their collection.

▼19-19地毯与Isokon公寓,19-19 rug and Isokon © Felix Speller & Child Studio


The minimal collage-like geometric compositions of the rugs feature soft curved shapes and gradients in vivid shades of aquamarine, ruby and violet, set against the deep black backdrop. The collection consists of 6 rugs, each named after one of the female artists and designers who were central to the development of the Bauhaus: Alma, Lucia, Gunta, Otti, Benita and Anni. Those pioneering creatives produced some of the most innovative work of the 20th century, but their names were often overlooked in favour of their male counterparts. The collection’s title ‘19-19’ refers to the founding year of the first Bauhaus school in Weimar.

▼Otti and Anni © Child Studio + Floor_Story

▼Benita and Lucia © Child Studio + Floor_Story

▼Alma and Gunta © Child Studio + Floor_Story

Child Studio的创始人Alexy Kos和Che Huang表示:“包豪斯美学经常被认为是简朴且持久的,而我们一直着迷于这场运动的相关艺术家在室内设计和图形设计中对颜色的丰富而有创意的运用。我们一直尝试在室内作品中注入色彩,该项目给了我们这种机会,我们通过抽象几何图形和颜色讲述了全新的故事。”

“Bauhaus aesthetic is often seen as something rather austere and unrelenting, but we have always been fascinated by the rich and inventive use of colour in the interiors & graphics produced by the artists associated with this movement. We always try to inject colour in our interior work and this project was an opportunity to tell a new story entirely through the abstract means of geometry and colour.”commented Alexy Kos and Che Huang, the founders of Child Studio.

▼Alma使用场景,usage scenario of Alma © Felix Speller & Child Studio

▼Benita使用场景,usage scenario of Benita © Felix Speller & Child Studio

▼Lucia使用场景,usage scenario of Lucia © Felix Speller & Child Studio

▼Gunta使用场景,usage scenario of Gunta © Felix Speller & Child Studio

▼Otti使用场景,usage scenario of Otti © Felix Speller & Child Studio

▼Anni使用场景,usage scenario of Anni © Felix Speller & Child Studio


“We were excited to be approached by Floor_Story, who have been working with some of the most interesting emerging designers in London. Our studio is located next door to Floor_Story’s showroom in Shoreditch district and it was a joy collaborating with the local like-minded creatives who are passionate about the craftsmanship and detail. ”added the designers.

▼细部,details © Felix Speller & Child Studio

Floor_Story的创始人Simon Goff说道:“我第一次知道Child Studio是看到了他们在西伦敦建造的惊人的粉色Formica餐厅,它大胆的风格和单一的颜色令我印象深刻。我们花了很长时间来完善‘19-19’,最终系列与开始的设计十分不同,但我们都很满意。Child Studio知道他们想要什么,并且我们一直想与他们合作。从第一次交谈到最终敲定作品耗时约18个月,虽然合作总是耗费时间,但这也确保了我们向设计师完整地传递了想法。我们相信,‘19-19’系列完美地体现了包豪斯时代。”

“I first came across Child Studio when I saw the incredible pink Formica restaurant they created in West London. I was so impressed with how bold it was and from the use of just one colour. ’19-19′ has taken time to refine and the final collection is very different from what we started with, but we are delighted with the results. Child Studio know what they want and were a dream to work with. The process took around 18 months from first chat to final pieces – collaborations always take time, but this ensures we absolutely deliver the vision for the designer and we believe ’19-19′ embodies the Bauhaus era perfectly.”said Simon Goff, the founder of Floor_Story.

▼手工制作过程,manufacturing process © Child Studio + Floor_Story

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